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02 January 2008


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You are brave...socks are something I haven't attempted yet. There is a Rowan sock-knitting day (!) at my local John Lewis on 5th Feb, I'm going to try to get the day off work to go. 35 quid with lunch and, presumably, the socks!


aha! i knew there was someone out there who had the same sock trouble as me. and i am only just a bit jealous of those gorgeous sock creations!


I hate knitting in the round too (which is why I don't do socks!) Good luck with them - the yarn looks fab!


You are much braver than I. My first attempt at a scarf is still unfinished. It's rather wavy as I miscount, correct, miscount again... Happy new year!


The beginners' sock-knitting class at Loop is worth every penny. I tried the do-it-yourself and Rowan routes with no luck, but after the class at Loop it all made sense. I'm not allowed to buy any sock knitting yarn though until I rehome some of my stash (see email--hint hint)!


I am scared of socks as well...would like to attempt some soon though.
How are you finding Typepad? I've been thinking of a change myself but wondering if it's worth it.


i've got learning to knit on my new year resolutions list for 2008. socks look v tricky though! best i start with a scarf : ) good luck!


I'm right there with you girl! Tried it. Got in a dreadful mess. Sock knitting is now on hold for me until such a time as a Sock Knitting Fairy Godmother turns up to hold my hand!!
Great wool though!
Good luck :)


You have my admiration Ali...for I would never have even attempted 4 needles and most of your post went over my head. I think you may be Super Sockwoman without having even realised it! x


If you want to plow straight into socks as a second knitting project, I suggest a class *but* you can, absolutely, teach yourself to knit socks on your own. I should know. That's how I did it. My first pair wasn't my second project though. Or even my third or forth.

If you want to go it alone, I suggest getting more accustomed to knitting in the round before you tackle socks. Try a hat in simple stockinette or a tea cozy, even. Something simple...without a heel. You might also want to try knitting in the round on two circulars or one long circular using the magic loop method rather than using DPNs. My personal preference is DPNs (five rather than four though) but learning other techniques gives you options and the opportunity to develop a preference.

Good luck!


You're brave. I won't go near 4 needles at a time...it's not natural. Good colours though. Z x


Knitting with how many needles? I think I'd rather knot!


Hahahahahahahaha! You have me laughing so hard my sides want to split! I'm not laughing AT you but wholeheartedly WITH you! I recognise that tale of woe! I knitted a sock once but it was so mis-shapen it would have needed a troll like foot with a huge bunion on the left to fit in it. The heel was so stretchy that you could have kept loose change in it!
Hahahahahaha!(deranged laughter) Are you up for a challenge? No pressure...just a "dare you to make a pair" challenge? I could use my Ebay credits on sock wool. Oooh and 4 needles. What do you say? Hahahaha!(yet more deranged giggling!)

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I am trying socks for the first time in ages (I did once make my boyfriend-now-husband a pair many years ago - and they were much longer and wider than these modern ones!) The first few rows were awful so I made my mum do them! Now it is longer it's really quite easy (sorry) but I certainly wouldn't recommend it as a second knitting project!!! Lucy x


Gosh, for a minute there I thought Lucy was saying she knitted a boyfriend-now-husband. I was about to ask for the pattern!

I think you're very brave attempting socks - I couldn't do it. I just know it would go horribly pear-shaped. And pear-shaped wouldn't fit a foot, would it? x


Socks are easy. Let's face it, if you make a mess and drop stiches randomly, you can always get away with darning the mistakes away!



I was saved by the above link... worth a try.

and good luck.



I was saved by the above link... worth a try!

and good luck.


Keep trying!! You can do it. I think I restarted my first one three times. I've found the trick is to cast on one extra stitch and then slip the first stitch over the last stitch. If that makes any sense. That sort of seemed to sort out the problem for me.

Also a belated THANK-YOU for switching to typepad! Much easier to comment!


I hear you sister! I'm resolved to tackle socks in 2008. After learning to knit well over 20 years ago I still haven't worked up the courage to start socks. Its the DPNS and the heel bit that freaks me out!!


I tried this and it worked for me:


Can't do a link - sorry!


Hey - it did it for me!


My first pair of socks (actually just the first sock) still sits on my needles from my attempt last year. I did take a class at Purls but was so confused that I haven't done any more. Recently I found this link that gives you a step-by-step process and I'm going to try it after my Bandage Brigade project ends this month: http://www.limenviolet.com/blog/?p=1114


have i mentioned that i only stick to scarves but you are so brave to try. I should really start knitting again


You can do it Ali! (And if we manage the Loop escapade one of these days I'll help you get started ...)


Happy New Year! Sorry it has taken a while to catch up! I'm impressed you even attempted the sock - I haven't progressed from the egg cosy, although I feel I must now as someone gave me the Cath Kidston knitting bag for Christmas.
Cathy XX


I don't know if i ever stopped with the dreanged laughing but i've just read (admittedly quickly!) the tutorials that were linked in your comments and I am SO convinced that i am going to succeed this time. Not that there's 101 other things to be doing in january of course but hey...i can justify going to the wool shop!
How are you getting on?

Alice C

You need the adorable and funny TECHknitter to the rescue.


Sorry - haven't worked out how to do links in comments.


thanks for visiting me! love, love, love your blog! I will be back!


After reading this and subsequent sock knitting posts from you, you tricked me into thinking I too could master the sock knitting art. I am now in the position of having four extra stitches before I've even got to the heel bit ?
And what do you do with all of those needles flying about all over the place ? I nearly lost an eye last night.
: )


Yay! Found them. I've favourited this page and I'll read them tonight.(That last comment before this one was hilarious.)BTW, found you through Monica's blog.

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