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01 January 2008


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Awww, bless him. What a star! Those experiments look fun ... golden syrup, food colouring and jars and bowls.

Lovely post. x


looks like the boys were having a good time.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I've got one of those too! Worth his weight in gold!!! Lucy x


LOL! Mine exhibited the same patience tonight...playing Elefun with a hyper 2yr old and 2 'so tired after staying up last night' bigger ones. For my DH though it took a few swift ones in the local pub to turn saintly! He also says I can play on Ebay!? Thinking about it perhaps he had more than a few!


Awww, good chopping! Ours has its days numbered too.

Mine was very wonderful today too - he cleaned the oven! Yes, I know. I was speechless (and very grateful).


I love that picture of the two of them chopping up the tree - such a great father and son moment.

Hope the next year is full of many more :)


**smile** lovely to see a dad so invloved with his family!

Alicia A.

Hey! Small world, Ali. Brian and J did "kitchen experiments" too today. Ours involved cooked purple cabbage and vinegar. Pee-yew.

Happy New Year to you and yours!


What a sweet post! It looks like they're having fun and I think your son's boots are ever so cute.


Bless him!
Happy New Year to you all!


......and meanwhile you were blogging?


marriage rocks!

Lisa Lam

Happy New Year Ali!

You got yourself a good bloke - just the way it should be too.



A belated Happy New Year Ali (somehow I managed to lose your new blog in the run up to Christmas) Anyway very pleased to have found your new home and best wishes for 2008!

PS Its lovely to know there are still some 'saints' out there - I think I got lucky and married one too!


I'm a new reader to your blog and loved your last quote about still being able to be astonished. :>

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