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29 January 2008


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Totally stunning, so don't be a silly mare! The tights are fab, and only make me shudder slightly :)

It is wonderful, and if I had made that I would be so proud of myself, I except it to be framed and put somewhere where everyone can see how great it is!

From experience, just leave it for a while, and have a look with fresh eyes, and I'm sure that even you will have to admit to yourself that it is just fine the way it is :)

Did I help?


I think it's great! I love the tights blowing in the wind.


It's thoroughly charming! The tights are genius :)
What about some quilting lines that suggest wind blowing?


love the tights, i think you're being too self critical : )

i'm off to a julie arkell workshop for the day on saturday, goodness knows what i'll be bringing home from there!!


first of all -- i really like it!

but if you want to add some color and texture, maybe embroider some flowers into or just above the grass?


Ali, this looks fabulous. I love the fact that the washing isn't sewn down too. Love those little red pants!!! Perhaps some leaves or a bit of sun might help with the beige if you really want to add something else. Although I don't really think it needs it!

miss chris

I think it's terrific. Maybe smoky blue swirls in the sky to break up the beige?? I don't know. Could be busy. I think it's pretty cool already.


I love it! Although the nylons would rightly be hanging on a shower bar and not out on the line~ hee hee. But you did them cunningly.

I like it the way it is; I second the suggestion to put it away and look at it again in a month or two. If you insist on adding something, maybe put in a bird or a cat and/or some blowing leaves. ??? Maybe if you quilt it you could use some free motion stitches that look like clouds and grass...

But don't do anything hasty. It is super cute the way it is. Hang it on a blue wall, and that will make the beige look great. Or...send it to me and I will love it for you. Hee hee.


Well I think it's gorgeous. And I like your new home here too.


It is fantastic! I didn't even notice the beige until you pointed it out--it's a nice visual break from all the pattern. but if you wanted, maybe some simple embroidered birds in the sky or you! hanging out the wash. The panty hose (both the word and the actually thing make me shudder as well) are perfect. so perfect.

Alicia A.

LOVE it SO much! The pantyhose, oh the pantyhose!


ali, i love it! my fave is the the white sheet (pillowcase?).

i love it, seriuosly.


I think it looks lovely! I hadn't noticed the beige until you said either, You should be proud!!

janet clare

Love it- very JB!
You could add a bird in the sky? Flowers etc. have you tried variegated quilting thread for swirling, windy lines?


I agree with everyone - it is fantastic (or pantastic!!) - the tights are a stroke of sheer genius! I also like the background - but some embroidery would be good! I have often used swirls of stitching to signify sky and you could use a silvery thread to do this bit of quilting in the sky.

the pesky bombolino

I love it too, I think maybe you're just too close to it and have looked at it too much. You could try using some stranded embroidery floss and pick two strands the same colour as the beige and one blue strand. This way you'll add some fresh colour without it being too domineering.

French Knots

I agree that putting it away for a few weeks usually makes you like a piece better.
Perhaps some texture on the tree trunk rather than on the beige? I think it's wonderful!


You are being really hard on yourself. It is great!

It might help to put it away for some time ... I also think that maybe quilting clouds in the sky or quilting gras could finish it up. Maybe you don't like it because the background is very rough and the detailed laundry. So this quilting detail could help melt the piece together.

Still I like it.


It's got such movement to it. I think maybe some leaves would break up the beige, but before you mentioned it, I hadn't really noticed it!


it's lovely Ali, maybe some clouds in the sky, quilted or appliqued, or as everyone says, look back on it in a while and see what you think. or make a series of them and this can be number one?


Hurrah, at last!! I think it looks fabulous - really! I love it. Why is it everyone else's always looks better than your own?? I agree with the others, the tights are great, and maybe try some leaves blowing in the wind or a bright piece of clothing blowing away. So glad you decided to show it - thank you!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I think it is fab! I love the way you haven't stitched th washing done flat and the lace on the white cloth. I think you could add more life to it by putting some JB style stitches onto the background - that always seems to work with mine! Lucy x


Tsk ... it's wonderful! I know that's easy for us lot to say; if it doesn't feel 'right' for you, then it doesn't. Please know though, that it really is great! I love the tights and the red check knickers :-D x


it's lovely - the tights are brilliant and I liek teh 3d effect very much - I hope you are not planning to sew those edges down. I'd agree with the putting it away for a month or two brigade (or hang it on an out of teh way wall for a month or two, where you just catch glimpses and it all subliminally gets sorted in your head without you even noticing)

otherwise, how about some random diagonal quilted lines in that beige bit - RAIN!!! it always rains on my washing...


I think it's gorgeous - especially those tights blowing in the wind - very clever!

Maybe you'll feel better about it when you haven't worked on it for a while. I'd be delighted if I'd made one half as nice!!!

Thanks for showing it to us :)

Lesley xx


Ali it's fantastic - I love the tree and the washing and the tights are especially wonderful! I find I play around with my 'picture' quilts for ages before I get them to what I want. I'm not sure what the rules are meant to be but I know what I like. I am doing that right now with one and it's finally come together. I agree that leaving it for a while might help and I was thinking maybe you could quilt some wind swirls that are making the washing move like that. Well done!

Lisa Lam

I think you're bonkers! It's really lovely and full of whimsy. I'd be very proud of it.

I think the laundry should be left un-stitched flapping around in the wind. Well done!


I think it's a gorgeous piece of work!

You said something in your very first sentence that I think might add the bit of color you are craving. The sun. You don't hang clothes out in the rain, you hang them out in the sun to dry. So, maybe a bit of an embroidered sun or even an appliqued piece would give you a spot of additional color.


Ooo, that's fabulous Ali!


Add me to the chorus -- it is really fun. Sorry you don't love it though - that kinda sucks. I agree that sleeping on it for a while might be good (like my skirt that I just posted about - slept on that one for a.long.time...) Something will come. I know you said you aren't happy with the dimensions -- and so this might not work, but what if you appliqued this piece on to a quilted "frame" in a bright color. That would pop the colors and make the beige fall away (I think). It would make the overall thing bigger which may or may not be better...

Momma Pajama

I think it's very cute! I like the loose flapping clothes too.

I was thinking quilted wind swirls and autumn orange/brown leaves tacked in a cluster on the tree and a few blowing in the wind...


I think it looks great as it is, but if you want to break up the background a little - what about another branch and some leaves coming out of the tree, or a couple of birds flying over.


I think your washing line piece is great. If you want to brighten it up you could applique little white clouds over the line.
Or you could just say that it's a
"winter's day washing line" piece. Then quilt in lines to give the effect of rain, and you could add clear beads etc. to look like drops of rain.


Just gorgeous! I am sure it will grow on you.Put it somewhere where you can see it every day.


i'll echo what the others have said, it looks great!!

maybe just swapping out one of the yellow pieces of clothing with something bolder would do the trick. i love the way the red panties stand out.


I love it - I can't believe you're not thrilled with it (however, I know it's irksome when things don't come out as visualised). I love the american tan tights! x


Wow, Janet Bolton is everywhere! I love it just the way it is -- yellow and cheery. But if you insist on more color, how bout changing out some of the clothes and making them brighter or something?


I think it's lovely...and doesn't need touching at all. But you could put leaves blowing in the wind, or a few birds in the sky if you really felt the need. It should be hanging proudly in your house (the tights are especially lovely!)


I love washing. I love your washing.

Amy Schimler

I absolutely love this piece and am a huge Janet Bolton fan. i first saw her work in a gallery about six years ago and stopped dead in my tracks. Your work is lovely.


I think maybe you're being a tiny bit hard on yourself ;-) I think it has great humour and I actually like the muted palette - I can nearly feel the wind blustering those tights! I particularly like the way the pieces are not fixed down.


i haven't read any of the other 41 comments, but I'm putting my 2 bobs in too

what are you talking about woman? it is super. saw it on flickr and was a little shocked to find out that you don't like it. now that you have been influenced and shown some tips, you can really have some fun by making another one with your own style and touch. i love it.


I think it's lovely! what are you talking about?

and those tights? genius.


The tights are brilliant !!!!!

I always add some floral to my JB inspired projects as I'm not very good with beiges either.


Wow! It is really cook! I love the tights and I think the 3D aspect is kind of cool!


love your washing line, it is so cool. I think you have got it just right, so glad you shared. you should add it to our Janet Bolton flickr group (please!). http://www.flickr.com/groups/341946@N20/


so glad you showed it! laundry on the line never looked so good.


How could I miss this? I love it! It's a perfect piece of art!!


This is soooo cute – I love it.


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