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30 December 2007


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They are so cool, I'm really impressed and jealous!
I have tried to make that sort of thing before, but I always damage it just as it's almost finished, so lots of rude words, and it gets thrown in the bin! I'm sure she will love them!


v cute! + you've got me curious...are they little lino cut-stamps? as the potato-print lady i'd like to try out something new : )


They are fabulous. How do you do it? My daughter would certainly love a rabbit to stamp about with.


Silly question. Do you make these yourself and how? Love the birdy and the idea of child no 1 tattooing themselves.


Whew, Ali, you had me a little excited there for a moment... thought you'd been holding out on us for nine months!

Nice job on the stamps, they're adorable. :0)


I love those little stamps. Well done! I'm sure the recipient will use them often. My poor kids don't even have baby books. Not even my firstborn. So sad.


Wow, those stamps are beautiful (the bird is my favorite!). Such a good idea.
I think that I will try to make stamps this year...another project!


Is there no end to your talents? Those are beautiful stamps. :-) x


those stamps are really lovely. i really like your new blog and layout. so far, i haven't had any problems with blogger myself, but sometimes do wish i'd not been so tight and gone with typepad instead!.


They are gorgeous! Do you sell them?


well, for a moment I thought you were making a big announcement!!!

Great stamps.

Although, THAT would have been great news too...


simply stork

I remember when I was eagerly awaiting the arrival ouf our little ones...just emagine if your name WAS "stork" (lol)

wonderful stamps...

~simply stork~


happy to find you over here! that blogger comment thing has been getting on my nerves, too. welcome to the other side!

lovely little stamps. i've been wanting to try my hand at those.


the stamps are brilliant - really cute designs and I'm so impressed that you created them - I think I'd just end up with a lot of shavings and nicked fingers! Have a very happy New Year .


Beautiful stamps Ali - any chance of spilling the beans on what they're made of?
Like I need something new to become obsessed with making!!!
Happy New Year!
love Lesley xx


Ah, those are so cute! I'm going to dig out your old tutorial and have a go at these, you clever thing, you!


these are so great- such an original baby present! i am sure they will be well loved and used for a long time.

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