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29 December 2007


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oh yes i'm running from the diet police...here the malteser box, yes box! couldn't get away from me. GONE. The whole box. and they tasted damn good. Bah humbug to diets. xxx


I don't agree with diets either. Mostly because they don't agree with me - they just aren't any fun, and life's too short to be without fun.


I'm with you on this--would you pass me the extra cupcake?


Looking at the huge tyre around my middle which is sylishly hanging over my jeans, i am thinking that i should diet but that am hoping that pilates and jogging will mean that i can still eat and more importantly drink what i want. gorgeous cupcakes. where have you found the time over the holidays to make such yummy stuff. your new site looks great


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... they look fantastic, and scrummy. No diets in this household either! x



i need me some cupcakes. and ooooohhhh... pink frosting. need pink frosting.


Definitely no dieting for me - I always think that anyone who diets will eventually end up even bigger than they are now. And, believe me, I don't want to get even bigger!! I also don't do New Year's resolutions, if you want to put something right do it anyway, not just on January 1st. So glad you've moved from blogspot as it was a real pain in the proverbials not being able to leave comments.


Yum-yum, I am not in to diets either! Your new blog looks great, I've changed your url in my blog roll!

Happy New Year!


Hum, while I agree in principle I think I'm going to need to do something or one of these days I will be too fat to bend down to the oven and bake any more cupcakes - calamity!


how about an avoid anything remotely healthy diet!

Alice C

but I love celery and now I am going to feel guilty eating it...
I think that you are the vanguard of the Cupcake militia.


Those look yummy, and I am with you. I will however reduce my consumption of food once the holidays are over and there is a better routine.

I am just going around visiting some blogs. I came from Nikkipolani. You have a nice blog; I like your mix of things.


Stupid papers. It's a media conspiracy you know. Try and persuade us all to live it up in excess over the holidays, then try to make us feel guilty that we did afterwards. Good for you for seeing through their evil plot. Cupcakes all round!

Suzie Sews

I am having to post you a comment as my son has asked me to tell me 'How nice those cakes look' he is so dissappointed I can get him one.
Suzie Sews


Oh my goodness. I have to go on a diet. I've taken to wearing track suit bottoms the last few days just to cope with the Christmas over indulgence!


Oh my goodness. I have to go on a diet. I've taken to wearing track suit bottoms the last few days just to cope with the Christmas over indulgence!


1. no diets for me either! moderation + movement...that's the key. if only I could get off my sofa and away from the chocolate!

2. mmmmmm..cupcake! that has to be the prettiest cupcake I've ever seen. Yes, pink IS my favorite color.

3. Must go home and make cupcakes tonight!

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