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05 December 2007


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Awww, sorry to hear about your cold - steam inhalations are the best thing for me when I have one.

Hope you have a wonderful time at your mysterious get-together. :-) x

PS That apron is fabulous!


Beautiful pinny you have there!

I hope you feel much better in time for your mystery lunch. As I'm basically nosey I can't wait hear what that's about!!


feel better~ mind over matter... you are not sick, you are not sick :)


We must share friends.I haven't got flu,I haven't got a fever, I haven't just had to put a summer dress on to cool down.No not me and Josie is not asleep on the floor -again!


love that pinny!
get better soon,
I am not ill either!


Echinacea is our friend here too. I have also started drinking lemon and grated ginger in hot water by the bucket. That soon clears out the nasal passages!!

Feel better.


Oh, be well tomorrow, I hope you have a great time no matter what. I was miserably sick as a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding, but still had a good time. Hope all the germs leave you by tonight, I'll think positive for you across the miles!


Damn. It really does match your cabinets, doesn't it? Too bad it doesn't also have anti-viral properties. Hope the echinacea does the trick and you're able to enjoy both cupcakes and champagne tomorrow.

Junie Moon

What a gorgeous apron! I love that fabric and used it for one of my Amy Butler projects so I know first-hand how lovely it is.

I am so sorry you're sick and certainly wish you a quick recovery.


I think I know where you're going and I'm so envious I might explode ;-)

Have a fabulous time - as if you could fail to, given the company - and I hope your cold feels better!

Megan Young

Oooo, secrets. Fun.

alice c

I have students sneezing and snuffling over me ALL the time so I am completely impervious. And I find that champagne has mysterious anti-viral properties so I think that you should definitely have some.


sweetie? would you like me to send you some seeds so your grow you own echinachea?

stop lookin' at me like that.


How lucky are you!!! What a lovely pinny.


Lovely pinny. Hope your cold doesn't spoil the cupcakes and champagne - sounds interesting. Hope you feel better soon
Cathy XX


What a great apron! I really like it! Hope you feel better!

two hippos

Hope you feel better for your lunch, the apron is really fab!


Does your new apron mean that your long-suffering husband is no longer tied to the kitchen sink?

Scotch is the old cure for all ailments!

house on hill road

that sarah. she is a good egg.


Hope you're feeling better today and managed to make it to your top secret assignation! Echinacea is definitely good but P.M.A. is often the solution to overcoming most things. Of course now that today is over you are free to succumb - here's hoping you can have a snuggly pyjama day tomorrow. Great apron - isn't it wonderful when you receive gifts that are so perfect.


what a great thing to recieve a unexpected gift in the mail. Drink lots of fluids with your positive mental attitude and echinacea! and feel better!


i take echinaciaaaa..however you spell it..throughout winter and I really think it reduces the symptoms of cold/flu. And if it doesn't I convince myself that it still does and that if I hadn't been taking it, my cold/flu that I had caught would have been 100%worse than if I hadn't!

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