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09 December 2007


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Oooh, I'm waiting with bated breath to hear the verdict, they look absolutely amazing and fluffy and innocent, how could they have managed to screw up your mixer? Hope all is well and that the marshmallows were perfect...


I've been meaning to have a go at making marshmallows for ages as they are my favourite sweet ever. The recipe I have got says "You'll never eat another bought one once you've tried these", so sounds promising. Hope yours turn out ok.
Cathy XX


Yum! I've been dying to make marshmallows for ages (a la Jane Brocket and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall), but it takes me a while to work up my courage sometimes :) Fingers crossed your mixer is okay...


they sound wonderful, and very sticky!


Regardless of the marshmallow result, Ali - your nails are gorgeous!


Wow - I've never heard of anyone making their own marshmallows before - they look rather fine.

Hope the magimix is ok. :-) x

PS the Capcha is jicasm ... sounds like an affliction.


ooooh yum! looks deliciously sticky and gooey - good luck getting it off the baking trays and especially good luck with your mixer, here's hoping it makes a full recovery!

Junie Moon

I use my heavy-duty KitchenAid mixer for making homemade marshmallows or divinity as I've burned up too many hand-held mixers trying to make this stuff.

I'm glad your results were pronounced good.


marshmallows are a bear to clean up. I had little marshmallow icicles hanging from my cuboards for many weeks after I made them


Yummy I have always wanted to make marshmallow - well done!

Joanna Butchart

you brave brave woman making marshmallows


I hope they work out. They certainly look good! I do not envy you the clearing up one little bit!
If yours work I may have to try them too - I'll wait to hear the verdict on the Magimix first ;)

Lucy Locket-Pocket

All I can say is good luck! Good luck with the cleaning up and good luck with restoring the Magimix! Lucy x

alice c

Be careful - if the marshmallows taste too good it will become a family tradition - and then you will have to have a new Magimix for Christmas every year.


I had no idea you could even make these, such is the limit of my baking "knowledge". Enjoyed your meme by the way!


Oh I've never made homemade marshmallows before, how delicious ! You should have borrowed my kenwood chef, they are indestructible !

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