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26 December 2007


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No rest for the wicked over here! We get to do it all again tomorrow with Paddys family, then it's panto time on sat (with 17 kids!!),then New Years Eve with friends.I think I'll sit down Jan 1st just after I've sorted the house out (again!)

French Knots

We have our hands full trying to work out how to change the transformers back into cars again!
Some planning and list making for me in my new journal ready for 2008.


take the time to relax and recharge before you feel the need to make new years resolutions, and new lists! hope you had a magical christmas!


I know what you mean. Such a long build up (lovely) and then it's here (lovelier) and you blink and it's over. The bit I don't relish is taking down all the decorations but that's a week away. Enjoy the rest of the holiday and very best wishes for 2008.


It is like it is back to normal, but not, I know what you mean, very odd! Happy New Year :)


I think I get that way too - I'm feeling a little down today. Last night, I didn't even bother getting out the fancy dishes for Christmas dinner. I kinda felt like I had decorated for Christmas, and I was just tired of the effort by the time we got around to dinner. I'm kinda disappointed that I did that, but no one really seemed to care.


Yes I've had enough now....for me it's the build up to Christmas that's fun, now I've spent 4 days socialising, eating and drinking, I want to close the doors,and do something creative for the last few days of the holiday.


More relations and partying tommorow ! I'm whacked, usually I like to end the festivites on boxing day, but we are still going ful speed ahead here at the moment ! ~ love Julia x


My 'slump' will start tomorrow - we still had a big family party to 'do' today. I've been reading that post about making a 5 year plan - it's a wonderful idea, but like you, I'm not sure I'd know what to put on one. It's certainly food for thought.

Take care :-) x


Ah yes plans! I remember reading that post with great interest and even suggested it was a good idea to my husband, who just rolled his eyes! Last time we had a serious chat about our future we ended up moving to Canada...! Definitely food for thought for the new year.


i actually love this space. nothing to do except relax. No pressure or plans. It is only until the end of Jan when it all starts again. I kind of wish all year would be like this one week.


I have a tiny slump but mostly I'm glad it's over!


i feel the same!
now what??
:) hope you carve out some nice plans-


I usually feel like that but for some reason this year I don't. We had a lovely couple of days but now I am enjoying just hanging out with hubby and playing with the little ones. Or maybe because I was so low a couple of weeks beore Christmas (everyone ill, various other rubbish stuff) that it all feels so much better by comparison!

Hope your plans come together soon ...


I'm still trying to live in the afterglow!


I feel the urge to take down all the decorations (although may keep up fairy lights all year round now- love their twinkles!may have to buy a palm tree to replace the Christmas tree) and restore order to the house..it all seems so messy with cards and presents scattered about still.Or I could stop being miserable and sulky, that's what being back at work does to me!


I always liked this time. a breather to look into the new year, make or buy a new calendar, plan (i'm big on plans too) work is usually slow, plus the house gets a good cleaning from putting away the christmas mess.


welcome to your new "home"! happy new year - i am getting ready to make a plan, too!


Welcome to your new home! What a nice fresh start for the new year. I'm not the most faithful blog visitor and commenter these days but I do agree that the new technique on blogspot was the pits. Hope you'll be happy here.

I'm still reeling from traveling over Christmas - something I like less and less as the years go by. I might be unpacked and have laundry done by New Year's - so I'm not sure the dead time will apply here :-)

Alice C

I love this time the best. It is the time between when there are no expectations and everyone is relaxed. If I had my way it would be Dec 27th every day.


Yay! I can comment again. Bloglines updated, check. Hope you had a good christmas and welcome to your new home! x

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