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25 November 2007


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lucky you, it's been cold, grey and miserable up north! mmm vanilla sugar, I keep meaning to make some. I might just make some today.


small pleasures are good...they promote self-healing, I think...


actually, i feel really humble just having caught up with your recent posts. i have no real reason to feel so glum, i just hate this time of year. i'm sorry life is shitty at the moment for you and i hope things get resolved with mark at school.

Rose Vintage

Vanilla sugar is my favourite...simple pleasures! Hope you are not feeling too rough at the moment and that things improve at school...


syko kajsa

We got some sun yesterday too, it was so wonderful, like someone had taken away the wet grey blanket that has covered us for such a long time now. Today it's been all rainy again. Sigh. That vanilla sugar looks so nice!

Bev and Ollie O

Thanks for reminding me, I am going to make a little "hamper" of homemade goodies for my dad for Christmas and vanilla sugar was one of the things I am putting in.


I LOVE vanilla sugar - that smell mmmmm!! Thanks for the link - what wonderful words!


Thank you Ali!

alice c

Thank you for the link - I can't think of anything nicer than having all your lovely blog friends coming to visit me!

Joanna Butchart

Hoping that things are improving at school at that you get the support from the teachers that you require. I know from mums in my village that this can be a big problem. Vanilla sugar fantastic idea


Lovely post :) It's so special when we notice the little things but all too easy to get bogged down with day to day worries. I hope it's sunny tomorrow - I need to play with shadows.
Lovely link too, thank you for sharing,
love Lesley xxx

odd dotty

Beautiful. Thank you. I really needed to be reminded to pay attention to the small things!

Junie Moon

I'm back from vacation and am trying to catch up on my reading my favorite blogs. The shadow images make for a great photo and I love the idea of the vanilla sugar--so yummy.

I hope things are improving with Mark and school.

Angel Jem

Love the vanilla sugar & simple pleasures is just right for this season of the year!
Has Mark kicked off yet? I so understand the 'nativity practises drive him wild' idea.... I watched a few kids get totally frustrated, especially if they weren't anything major. We used to do mains only and additionals, and only for a two week space before the concert. I always reckoned if it all went A over T that was part of the fun. (ask me about the bouncing balls sometime, it will crack you up!)


Hi there, Im new to your blog, and its absolutely stunning, looks like I have some good reading coming up.

Can I ask a question, how do you make vanilla sugar and what do you use it for ?.....it sounds so so good.


hey, have you seen this?


the watch.

I'll take 2 jars of your lovely vanilla sugar please.

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