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20 November 2007


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What a great stamp. He looks like such a jolly Father Christmas.

Its really hard to take photos this time of year isn't it. I have had the side lamps on all day for the last few days. Yuck.


Ha! Your description of Santa cracked me up. I love the stamp, even if he does look like a wino.


He looks like I'd like to feel!! Great way to make stamps - yet another project I've just added to my list. That tea sounds scrummy - where did you get it? Will have a look in town tomorrow. I drink so much tea and I do like herbal alternatives when I'm feeling a bit groggy.
Cathy XX

alice c

I find myself searching the photo for pants. And then I realise that is the result of reading blogs after a busy day.
I love the cute stamp - you are so talented.


ooh, I love Pukka teas, but hadn't seen that one.

The stamp looks great.


Ha ha, drunk Santa. Perfect.


look pants?!


VERY CUTE STAMPS! I am jealous

Garden girl

Pukka tea is fab..I was seduced by the packaging on the green flavour (think it's ginger and something..have left it at work) in tesco last week. Apparently ginger tea is very good for warming the blood and circulation in general, so a good winter warmer!Cute santa.


I agree - natural light would be lovely! It is dark here in Scotland by 4pm and as it's been grey it seems to get darker even earlier!

I like Santa the Wino!!


I adore Santa the wino!! He's fabulous and I would buy a set of cards featuring him. Please, please put some in your shop!
Tell me about the expression 'pants'. When I worked in London one of my colleagues used to call me 'pants' and occasionally 'big pants'!!! Should I be worried??


I *heart* your Santa!

Ink and Indigo

Santa the Wino is fabulous. H ha. The Pukka teas are gorgeous: my personal favourite is the Mint, Liquorice and Rose flavour.

Ragged Roses

I think Santa needs to be a wino, don't you? Great stamp Ali, I drink Pukka Love and now I'm going to have to find some Revitalise
Kim x


well, by the time he gets from my place to yours, he might have had a few!

love all your festivity.


A wino Santa is a happy Santa

melissa f.

oh he's awesome-- santa needs a little to take the edge off, i imagine.


That tea looks yummy - it's cold here in Boston and I could use a good cuppa something spicy and nice!

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