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15 November 2007


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well. at least HE had fun, right? do you HAVE to go to the parents' class? they are hit and miss. i've been to some good ones and some i walked out of. on the same day, actually.
it's hard having useful/practical discussions about something people are emotional about. and you can't NOT be emotional about your kids, right?


you're a clever girl! love em x


I'm sorry the parents group was not great for you, but I'm glad Mark had a good time. Could you talk to the tutors about how you feel before the next class, and get some advice on whether you should go.
Love the Christmas cards, you are such an inspiration.


Oh Ali..
I'm sorry. Our time is so precious and it is hard to give it to something when it feels like it is draining you dry.

Congrats to Mark for having a good time.

the cards are so pretty.


The fact that you would "rather not" yet still "do" means you're human and good and brave and compassionate.

And that is a gift you give us all.


Ragged Roses

What a magic ball of string - love the cards. Sorry to hear about the parents group, at least Mark had a good time. Thinking of you over the next twelve weeks
Take care


You're a magician.

And a very loving Mum to be putting yourself through all this for your son.

alice c

It takes a special kind of courage to do something that you really don't want to do but you have to do for your family.


It won't last forever- that's what I tell myself when I have to do something and don't really want to. Love the cards- very simple.

Junie Moon

I love your Christmas card project--it looks fabulous.

I'm glad Mark enjoyed Dinosaur School.

It's hard to hear the travails suffered by other people; the trick is to be a good listener but not to assume their problems. I learned this in a support group for people with medical problems like mine and found myself getting depressed. I talked to the leader about it and she said everyone's problems are important --to them--but you have to focus on finding healthy and positive solutions for your own valid issues and not to assume other people's horrors. It's hard to do as my heart breaks for them. Anyway, I truly wish you the best through this process you're undergoing.


Those cards are very cool.


Lovely cards!

I'm so glad Mark had a good time but very sorry you didn't. I hope it improves for you xxx


I think it's great Mark enjoyed his dinosaur group. I'm sorry the parent class was not so great for you - but I admire you enormously for going despite all that.

Your cards are gorgeous. I helped design the school one this year so I'm chickening out of making them and sending those instead!


I love your crafts and am looking forward to seeing more photos and reading some of your favorite blogs... What are your favorite craft magazines or online resources??


Ali, seriously!! Who told you to go to that type of parenting class? In my pre-expat-wife time as a childcare lawyer many of my clients went on those courses and my lovely you are soooo far from being THAT kind of parent its not true.

Speak to whoever recommended that course and tell them its a waste of resources for the local authority having you there and also, of your time! You do not need to be there, you have magnificent parenting skills. All you probably need (like all of us who have a "different" child) is someone to talk to, a more appropriate aspergers support group would be much better.

You are not to feel ashamed that you don't want to listen to the other parents stories either. I can just imagine what you are hearing and sometimes we have to step back and just deal with our own reality. All the important people in your world know you are a compassionate person.

But big YEAH for Mark. I'm glad he is in a more appropriate group and importantly, having fun! xxxx


Your cards are coming out lovely, I can't wait to see the finished product!! Dealing with other people in rough situations is hard for me, too - I want to help so much, but there's nothing I can do for a lot of situations and I don't like feeling helpless :(


I totally understand... but we're all behind you, ok?


love the Christmas cards!


Your christmas cards are fab - brilliantly simple and beautifully done. It's great that Mark is having a great time at dinosaur school and not great at all about the parent group. Do you have to go? If you are obligated to do so then I hope that it passes really quickly. You definitely need not feel guilty or over privileged - you have your own set of challenges to face and that leaves little room to accomodate the woes of others. I hope that you can find a way of not attending and instead invest that valuable time in some good-for-the-soul crafty activity. Good luck x


Those cards are lovely and I am very moved by your honesty, I hope it gets a little easier.

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