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09 November 2007


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I know exactly what you mean, love the inspiration, but if I make everything I see it will be ready by Christmas 3007! love those coasters, they're great.


I can't sleep at night as I've so many ideas - how sad is that? These are very sweet. Stop giving us more ideas ;]!


I'm secretly cheering that now we're at secondary school, teachers gifts are a thing of the past! Is that too mean? The coasters are brilliant.


Hells bells, I'd better get my arse in gear!!!!


the coasters are brilliant and fair play to you for getting started on gifts already. I think I may just stick my head in the sand and mutter "Christmas?, what Christmas?"


Oh my goodness, I both love and hate you. Love because those are so very cool, and if I were a teacher (and here's hoping that never happens!) I would be so chuffed with that, and hate because I was the child at school who wore binbags on hallowe'en and gave lame presents, and I know how jealous those children must be of your sons right now!

Joanna Butchart

as you know oliver has only jsut started at school so i am new to the present giving thing but that is such a fantastic idea (I may just have to pinch it) well done you for being so organised


Clever Ali..
Those are nifty.

I was so over stimulated by the Handmade holidays thing but have settled down a smidge. thank goodness we are half Hanukka here so I can prioritize.

janet clare

Great idea for the teachers- sure they will love them!

Joe's teachers would love them too I'm sure but will be getting the usual bottle of wine I'm afraid!

Garden girl

As an ex kindergarten teacher I would have been DELIGHTED to have received one of your coasters- they really are fabulous. I also think its great that you are thinking of the childrens teachers- I know it will be greatly appreciated that you have so much thought into such original thankyou gifts as well.


Love those coasters, I may have to steal the idea. Though you are waaaaaay too organised!

And stress doesn't come close to how I feel about those lists today ...

Bev and Ollie O

that is such a sweet idea, I think the teacher will love these.


So thoughtful and beautifully executed- what lucky teachers.

Junie Moon

The coasters are a wonderful gift and the teacher will appreciate this special personalized gift.

I'm cranking out Christmas gifts right and left because I have to have all my husband's family gifts plus the 8 granchildren to take with us when we fly there next Friday. That's when his family exchanges gifts. We don't open them then but everyone trades packages and takes them back to their respective homes. It puts a lot of pressure on me the first two weeks of November as October is my Halloween celebratory month. December is a breeze in comparison.


one down! congratulations. I've started a bunch, but that doesn't mean I'll finish any time soon. The teachers are going to be thrilled to get such beautiful and thoughtful gifts.


Oh making all that handmade stuff is just WAY too much pressure. I'm letting my credit card do all the work and bashing it to death at etsy :)

Angel Jem

Good idea..... I usually run down the style of 'Nobody ever refuses a bottle of wine....'


Pressure? I'm with you.

Too much. And it's not even December yet. I've done 1 Xmas present and am trying not to panic. I'm failing at that.

I think the teachers will get something unsold from the stall... That's ok, isn't it?


What a wonderful idea. Those turned out great!

The List Writer

What great coasters - you could wrap up a recipe for Cold Brewed Coffee to go with them!!


Hey they're really really cool! Mark is also very talented; must run in the family :)


Ooh, they look gorgeous! I must do that with my children for grandparenty presents.


What a great gift - I love that you were able to incorporate his drawings.


very very cute!

and yes, i am getting stressed by just the thought of all the things i want to make. :)


Well done for a brilliant joint effort - they look wonderful and I bet they'll really be treasured. I wasn't really in christmas mode before I popped in here but now I'm thinking I better get my thinking cap on!


LOVE the coasters, they look fab, great pressie. I think
I need to make my christmas sewing list & get sewing!


What a fabulous idea - they look great. I have no idea what to make/ give this year. I can't think beyond the next day at the moment, so christmas is going to sneak up on me and I'll be panicking in the last week as per usual!
Cathy XX


What a lovely idea! Teacher's presents are always tricky. May just have to 'borrow' your coasters!! I do of course need to make more things ;o)


You are a goddess.


blimey, I know what you mean. I'm having enough trouble getting from one day to the next. Loving the coasters.

syko kajsa

I LOVE your teacher coasters!!! Great cooperation! I am making loads of stuff for the fairs I'm going to so I guess when I'm ready for my own Christmas very late in December I don't want to see a glimpse of my own handmade stuff anymore. So I'd better just go off etsy shopping instead... :)


thanks. see you've inspired me now.

perfect presents for teachers.

life in yonder

Lovely coasters! I need to get kids soon so they can draw me some embroidery patterns. Perhaps my nephew will do :-)


Yes - I do know what you mean. You've got an amazing start - these are fantastic. That donut is perfect!


Wonderful! I love this!
Thanks so much for sharing. :)

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