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04 November 2007


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phew, glad to hear you're not giving up blogging! Looooove the boots!!


Nice boots - must be the weekend for it - I too indulged and worshipped at the alter of the boot this weekend - haven't stopped showing mine off either


loving those boots and the ruffles on the skirt!


Hi Ali!!! Sometimes we just have to make it through a full moon phase and everything balances back out!!! :o)

WHOOPIE... that is some great shower gel!!! And the red "kicks" are FABULOUS too!!!

Lala :o)


Ali, how many times must I tell you that you can't show us fabulous shoes without telling us what the ARE. Really! You are the worst kind of tease. You're a shoe tease. ;)

Those are some damn fantastic boots. Nothing like shoes to lift the spirits.

Junie Moon

That is interesting shower gel! Those red boots are fabulous and yes, it is good to know that we can share such things at odd hours of the day and night--it is so lovely to know we have friends out in the world.


Oh I so need some of that shower gel today!!! Loving the boots!


Love the red boots, Ali. They are gorgeous.


well Dorothy, those are mighty fine boots!!

janet clare

Shopping with a flexible friend never fails to cheer me up either!


Glad to hear you sounding more chirpy. Mind you, who could not be chirpy with fab red boots like those?!


glad you're not stopping blogging. the blogging world would miss you!!
love the fact that you're showing us your new boots!!! so where are they from????


Ok, you've got to tell me about the boots...the lovely red boots. I want them!!!

Garden girl

You have lovely red boots! I have red boot envy! Please don't stop blogging, it makes my dreary days at work a lot brighter!


Great boots and oh, where's that shower gel from? Would be a great Christmas present (sorry, sorry, I know it's all meant to be lovingly handcrafted but there are only so many hours in the day!)


Glad your shower gel is working and you are feeling better! Even more glad you aren't giving up blogging.
Cathy XX

Joanna Butchart

boot envy


Ridiculous boot envy emanating from Singapore should soon be felt in England...accompanied by a loud cheer you are still my top blog-girl who can be philosophical one minute and retail queen the next!! You see, only blogging gives you such scope....

French Knots

Love 'em!!

Ragged Roses

Phew!!!! Red boots do the job every time, I discovered some fab chocolate shower gel yesterday, I'm justifying it by telling the kids, it's ok it's organic!
Kim x


Gorgeous boots! I need some of that shower gel ;o)


i'd like some of them in green


Love the boots !


I'm intrigued by your ideas on blogging as a way to stroke our egos vs. other types of accomplishments/relationships. I've been thinking on that one myself a bit.

I think if I had to live through even one wet, gray English winter I would have to get red boots. :-)

Hugs from Texas


ack! yeah dont stop blogging...where would I go to lurk! ;) Love the boots too btw!


lovely boots...never never leave us.


good on you! there isn't much that a new pair of super cool boots can't fix!


Pleased to hear it.

Love reading your Blog & thank you for sharing the ups & downs of life.

MMMM... Red Boots - you've really gone up in the world according to my 7YO who has is somewhat obsessive about shoes!

Bev and Ollie O

I want boots too!!!! (someone tell my hubby!!)

I also am in the need of Grumpy Cow shower gel to wash all my moodiness away! (must be the weather! hehe x

alice c

So glad that you are carrying on blogging - I can reduce my panic attack meds now...


Oh Baby! Those boots! Thanks for the 5 yr. plan idea. Will adopt asap.


Glad the giri-giri was dissipated so easily with shower gel and new boots. I think I ought to treat myself to some retail therapy too.


oh, wow. those boots are fantastic! and i'm totally with you on the wonders of blogging.


Wonderful RED boots!!!! Love them ALI.

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