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07 November 2007


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I LOVE the colors of your coat and scarf/gloves. Makes getting dressed for the weather so much nicer.


I must be tired. I read that as "the cat has needed de-icing" and felt rather sorry for it, and very impressed with your cat-wrangling skils.

Meg McElwee

Beautiful quote - just what I needed! Off to put a few logs on the requisite evening fire ...


My Grandma always used to have one of those plants in the window and I used to get told off for sticking my nail into the fleshy leaf! Love the coat - looks nice and cosy!
Cathy XX


Your Jade plants are beautiful...I never seem to have much luck with indoor plants. I think we don't have enough sunlight in my house.


Beautiful quote. Really beautiful. And, take heart. It may be cold outside but you'll be wrapped in all sorts of loveliness to keep you warm.


ooh, I just *love* your coat & scarf/gloves, they look so cozy!

I've found jade plants one of the easiest to grow, aren't they great? We have four generations! :D

Junie Moon

Your winter wear looks so lovely to me and I love the Thoreau quote.

I have a jade plant about the size of yours and I never knew it was also called a money plant.

And I know exactly what you mean about the toilet lids.


yah, or to pee IN loo not AROUND IT.

Money plants you say? I'm off to the garden centre right now!!

Nice coat by the way.


Never mind getting them to shut the lid, how about actually getting them not to miss!!

I love you coat, by the way


Hmm, I think I need some jade trees. I wonder what kind of bac luck our toilet is bringing us - we have the top of the tank off because the stopper is broken and we have to constantly adjust it. That has to be worse that just leaving the toilet seat up.


toilet lid, money plants AND only photos of you and your beloved in the bedroom. Other photos can live in the family corner, but I can't remember which one that is now...


pffffft we shut the lid and we're as poor as ever. What beautiful plants, maybe I'll try look for a couple here.

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