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12 November 2007


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janet clare

The things we do for our children! You know, its a cliche, but it probably will be okay when you get there... as long as there's no role play or pointless ice breaking games.
I was once made to play 'if you were a piece of furniture what would you be?' why a welsh dresser of course, a treasured family heirloom crammed with fascinating, vintage tat!


Oh good luck for tonight Ali - I hope it turns out to be useful, or failing that, at least fun.

Not sure what sort of dinosaur I would be - a lumbering, easily distracted one that ate too much, probably ;-)


Hope it goes well tonight and that you get something out of it. I'm sure the thought of it is worse than actually doing it (hope so anyway).
Your walk sounds lovely - it's good just to get out and take a break sometimes.
Cathy XX


eek I deleted my post when I tried to correct a spelling mistake.
what I said was;
I knew someone who went to dinosaur school, and I think they actually enjoyed it, hope you get something from it.
love the photos.

alice c

I am afraid that I would probably be a spiky dinosaur with nasty sharp teeth. I'm not very good in team building/role play adventures. In the end it would be me being signed up for social interaction classes.


I hope the adult ed part is a pleasant surprise. These things sometimes can be. Holding a good thought for you. I always hate that kind of stuff myself.. But I'm ususally only right about it about half the time.


It's amazing how kids help us smile through so much isn't it!
BTW I was a little hasty on the no cake comment.I'll pop some scones in the oven!


oh, i hope it goes (went?) well. i'm sure it will. even if you only learn a couple of things that might give you insight into your kid, it's worth it.


it's always good to know how to be a dinosaur...do you know who're you going to be? I'd go for a t-rex, fierce.

No, seriously, you're a good mum. Good luck.


I don't have a rock you can hide under, but I might have one you could throw at the people who make us jump through such rings.


Oh, but PS, I only mean for the parenting class. Mark's dinosaur marlarky could even actually be possibly useful. Hope that proved the case.


I hope the dinosaur class was worthwhile. I was always reluctant to have other adults talking to aimee about her "feelings" - prim singapore doesn't fancy anything up, she gets a child psychiatrist here!

Saying that, our doc is wonderful and I can only hope that Mark gets as much out of the experience as Aimee has from her "talking about feelings" work. I'm sure he will be cool about it.

As for the parenting class - I'm holding my tongue, having been corrupted by arguing with too many social workers in the course of my work over the years...hope it goes ok and is not too wishy washy.

PS Oh the beautiful colours of an english autumn. As always, homesickness/hormone corrupting beautiful pics x


What a lovely park Ali - sounds like a fun outing for all. Take what you want out of the parenting class - you never know some of it may be worthwhile.

London Mummy

Hope it went well Ali, no doubt you were in need of a large G & T afterwards!


So are you good little dinosaurs now?


what beautiful photos- love the one of the tree and those pretty Fall leaves!

Junie Moon

The park looks lovely and I'm glad y'all had fun there. I hope the parenting class was helpful.

Rose Vintage

I guess I might be missing the point here, but you need to go on a course to be a dinosaur? As far as your boy is concerned, if you are half the person I perceive you to be, you will have already got things sorted for him x

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