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16 November 2007


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lucykate crafts...

oh bless, that's really sweet he's gone dressed like his dad!. my daughter is still convinced she will be a princess when she grows up, live in a princess house (a castle), marry a prince and have a princess horse (a unicorn!)


Lovely cupcakes - what did you use for the topping? It looks really nice.

Kloth  Bolt

oh that is just so cute! -kb

French Knots

What a sweetie. Bet his Daddy is cuffed!


that's so lovely!

Bev and Ollie O

aww bless! so cute!

Aww good ole lurid cupcakes, they look yummy! and all for a good cause! x


I'll bet he's adorable in his Daddy's tie!


I think a town planners job, is an excellent choice, and you know he would be good at it!


Oh, what a sweetie. I bet his dad was thrilled. Mine asked to go to the school non uniform day in a pair of socks I made for her - my heart just about exploded :-)


That is fantastic that he is so original. When I was 11 I won a scholarship to an exclusive private school. I had to go through a series of interviews and exams. I'm sure I was just like all the other candidates until we came to a question at the final interview with the headmistress. She asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Each of the other finalists replied "horse trainer" or "horse vet" or horse something. I was the last to be asked and I said "I want to be an actress" This is back in the day when being an actress wasn't so much about being a celebrity. I'm sure that is the reason I was given the scholarship.


Thats so adorable, my daughter wants to be a designer... how would you dress like that? Like Kimora? yikes!


Good for him! Anyone can aspire to be a footballer/fireman etc but how special that he wants to be just like Dad :)
Rather lovely looking cupcakes xxx


that is fantastic!!! why following the crowd? Be yourself Mark, we love you.

And you know what? The world NEEDS decent town planning...


Gorgeous story! Mmm cupcakes.


I must be a child at heart because those look pleasing to me,too. I bet they are yummmy!


Town Planner, yes lego has got a lot to answer for. Good money in that job, but I'm sure lots of agrivation. I mean no one ever likes the proposed new roads, or car parks or shopping centeres proposed for their towns do they !

I love the colour of cup cakes paper. When exactly did we all start refering to them as cupcakes. Fairy cakes is what where when I was little, as I say to the kids. Yes I am starting to sound like my mother !

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