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08 November 2007


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Junie Moon

What a cute story. I don't drink coffee but I've had the same reaction drinking Mountain Dew--my friends call me Babbling Brook then as I can't seem to shut up.


I could do with some of that coffee... I feel so tired today... must stop reading till the small hours.

Joanna Butchart

I LOVE coffee but the thought of drinking it cold makes me shudder.

Joanna Butchart

or do you drink it warm. Now i am confused maybe i have had too much caffeine

Ragged Roses

I'm strictly decaff (unless it's tea), can't take the coffee caffeine heart palpitation thing!!!! It always makes me feel like I'm just about to sit an exam!


Just swig "Camp" coffee (which contains chicory) and it saves all the mess.


I can just picture you sitting at that table mainlining coffee. It certainly looks like some kind of crazy chem. lab in there.

And you mean people have times when they don't jabber like mad at everyone who happens nearby? Oh.

alice c

Am I allowed to own up to drinking instant? Will you ban me from your blog?


I have the Toddy Coffee system and it's great! We keep the cold brew in the fridge all the time. Makes a great iced coffee, too!



I'd never do it- I'm soo lazy that I've recently started drinking instant just so that I don't have to wash up!!


I put a cloth in a sieve and leave it to strain into a bowl - then I squeeze the last drops through the cloth and get my hands all gorgeously coffee scented - pour it into a jug then into a bottle to keep the fridge. I use an old Coca Cola bottle just to irk the boys!!! It's lovely with cold milk and really smooth with just hot water. I used to have coffe with sugar but this is yummy without any sugar at all.


Holey moley - maybe I won't be trying that ...

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