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29 October 2007


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That's a such a lovely idea!


what a lovely idea, I just love hearing about other peoples christmas traditions, can I fit it in, probably not, will I sign up, probably!

Meg McElwee

Yay! So glad you're in, Ali. I'm just discovering your blog, too - and it's lovely!

Junie Moon

It looks like such a great swap! I love hearing about other people's traditions, too--so many funny as well as heart-warming stories.


sweet! i've just signed up too!


Oh my gosh you may or may not know by now that I LOVE christmas (blame the parents for not celebrating it when I was young) so I guess I will just have to sign up for this one.

Thanks for bringing to everyone's attention.


looks like a great swap!
I might have to sign up for this one :)

Joanna Butchart

cheers for the link


Signed up! Thanks for the link - I've been looking to do a bloggy swap and am glad to have found one!


Thanks for the link. I signed up. This sounds like a great swap.


Hi Ali, this sounds great. Am seriously considering signing up for my first ever swap! I love your blog, thanks for taking the time to write about all your lovely creations!

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