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24 October 2007


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Of course you could, but, and you knew there would be one, would you enjoy making them?!

Oh, and I know I have already bought something from your shop, but congratulations on joining the Etsy seller club!!!


nice hat!!! Don't put it in your new bag... same colour of the lining... you'll never find it again!!!

(which is by the way a gorgeous colour)

Are you getting the knitting bug by any chance? Cool.

Marmite Breath

I'll buy your family. But you have to buy mine from me, and Hadleigh is driving me mad with talk of the popular kids. Tom is singing the same verse of a song over and over again.

I love the hat!


love the color! One day I'll learn to knit- I bought the books (yes I bought more than one), the yarn, the needles and sat down to do me some learnin' and all I found out was that I'm all thumbs!!


Ha, ha...it's cute! And I love the color too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to learn things the hard way.


I hear you. Good on you for trying. You'll certainly have more time to practice if you sell your family on Etsy! I'm planning to start in January after getting my Christmas sewing out the way. I know I'll be expecting/wanting to be an expert in the space of a week!

Junie Moon

Your comment about putting your family on sale made me laugh. I think the hat is great and I love the yarn color. Actually, I'm extremely impressed with your knitted garment-making skills as I've still not advanced past stuff like scarves and washcloths. I think I'm in knitting purgatory or something.


I don't even have an interest in knitting, but I read the whole thing!

Your blog is awesome and I am enjoying it lots!



Your hubby should definitely take up hat modelling.

I knitted the world's simplest baby jersey about a week ago. The front and back are 1cm longer than they should be, and the sleeves are 1 cm shorter. Correction. One sleeve is 1cm shorter, the other 1.5cm. Don't even ask.


Ali I love it and the tension looks so even - something I took years to achieve. Are you going through a blue phase??
I didn't know you were doing the Etsy thing - fantastic!! Very inspiring!


what a great hat (love the colour) and yes, of course you should!


Well done on the knitting project! I love the colours! I Knitting is really a great hobby!


funny post! I am envious of your knitting skills, so far all I have managed is half a scarf and you don't even want to know how long it has taken me!
Hey i saw your ghostie lollies on Whip Up!

janet clare

My darling hubbie always laughs when I show him what I have made, unless it is his dinner, in which case he just eats it...


Great hat! I wish I could knit. My mum keeps saying "You could knit that" every time I look at anything vaguely connected to wool, forgetting that I have no idea how to go about it!
No meny need change hands - I'll swap you my family for yours for a while - bet you'd be glad to change back fairly quickly!
Cathy X

Joanna Butchart

see my moto with sewing is stick to big wool, big needles and knit scraves. Just read that you have an etsy shop so congrats, i was thinking about it for next year. On the family thing..........do you think you would get a good price. From a much happier and calmer Joanna


hey, at least you finished it! it does look great, by the way. :)

Bev and Ollie O

I always tend to give up the knitting in frustration!! Anything other than a scarf seems beyond me! Ilove the hat, the colour is lovely, you clever little thing! x

Angel Jem

Do you offer a money back guarantee for the family?

I like the hat & the shape means if you tire of it as a hat you can turn it upside down & use it as a bag(!) (yes, I know, cheeky, cheeky!)

No, I really like the hat & I don't mean it looks like a bag & I don't think you think it looks like a bag, it's good.


I like the hat! My husband has asked me to knit a hat for him - if he as naughty as yours with the finished article I may have to sell him too!


Great hat! Love the shape!


Dear Superstar,

Love the hat!



Congratulations on your first finished knitting project, it looks great and the color is beautiful!

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