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09 October 2007


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Glad to hear that no one was hurt. I've never seen macaroons that looked like that. I'm a fool for macaroons. It's just a fun word to say. Macaroon! And the box that they came in is lovely as well.

French Knots

What an arse ( no children listening so bloody arse!) How can people not stop when they drive into someone. Glad you are both ok. x

Chik Austin

Glad you are okay. Those macaroons look yummy! I don't know where to find macaroons around here. Hmmm.... Something to look for.


Oh my god - I'm pleased you are all unhurt but that just makes me want to scream. Bet he was on a mobile phone too, then he would be all my stereotypical prejudices rolled into one bundle. Don't suppose you managed to get his reg?

I think you deserve at least another box of macaroons to help calm you.


That does sound like a pisser of a day. Karma has a way of coming around to bite you in the arse and that man's tushie is going to be sporting some karmic teeth marks somewhere down the line. If only you could be a fly on the wall when it happens.

Glad you're unscathed and I'm sorry the same can't be said for your car. You definitely deserve more macaroons. Hey, Karma! Are you listening?! This lady NEEDS some macaroons!


Ouch! Glad everyone was unhurt. In that gigantic vehicle, he probably thought he'd hit a stick or something. And I agree with Caroline - he was probably on his mobile, too. And everyone thinks it's the women who are the bad drivers...

janet clare

'bloo-dee' men. Glad you are okay though.
As they say what goes around comes around...he'll get his just rewards. And I bet he doesn't have a generous macaroon providing friend either.

Junie Moon

That's terrible! I'm assuming and hoping no one was hurt. It's inconceivable to me that someone would do that and then not stop.

I'm so glad your friend gifted you with the macaroons which look quite tasty.


That just plain stinks, Ali. It boggles my mind how some people just don't know how to be decent, and choose to be cowards. Here's hoping something surprisingly wonderful happens later this week, to counterbalance this incident!

alice c

The macaroons come in all sorts of scary colours - the purple ones look the most inedible - but they all taste divine.

Take care - that car seems to have agoraphobia at the moment.


Sorry about the car... but that is hysterical about your son. ;)

At least you had a treat to cheer you up. I've been eyeing them over at the ParisBreakfasts blog for months.

Marmite Breath

I'm so glad you're okay in body, even though you are considerably rumpled in spirit. (Don't you love Anne of Green Gables?)

I'm afraid that any bad driving, loud booming music, screeching of tyres, too flashy of a car, etc, causes my children to say "That man must have a very small willy" because unfortunately, that is what they hear me say. I'm not proud of this, I'm just saying that perhaps I should stop yelling at people for overcompensating.

Now off to collect my Bad Mother of the Year award. Bye!

syko kajsa

"I know the feeling", someone crashed our car window in the middle of the night a few weeks ago for no apparent reason. Having a bloodee driving into you is worse of course, I'm glad you got the well-deserved macaroons. I wonder what they would be called over here....


Poor love!

What an ffing ass hole! (Glad Johnny can't read that...) I just can't believe some people. Nasties like that should all be put on the same island so they can make each other's lives a misery. Now that would make for riveting reality TV...

I'm very glad that neither of you were hurt. Nothing like a delicate sweet treat to (start) smoothing over the edges.


odd dotty

Honestly, I don't understand people sometimes. But what I do understand is that I want to ge me some of those macaroons! They look scrumptious!


Ugh. Range Rover man sounds like a vile excuse for a human being. I'm glad you were all unharmed though. My Small Small (as opposed to Tiny Small) has also picked up the b-word - from my husband I hasten to add (she'd learn far worse from me if she understood my muttering) - and used it in perfect context when I was cut up the other day - "Mummy, was that man a b*** idiot?" I shall be banned from the playground at this rate.


Blod-dee man. So, having the money to buy a big Range Rover doesn't guarantee having the money to buy a big bag of manners and decency then? Shocker.


you put pictures of macaroons up but call me cruel? you wicked woman! oh, wait, i can get macaroons here any day of the week! muhahahaha, must remember to show you photos ;)
i do hope you got the police involved, this does qualify as hit-and-run... eejits with too much money and absolutely no sense eh!


oh god Ali how horrible. I'm glad that you're ok. Did you get his registration number?


glad to hear that you're all OK. Those look sooo yummy, I'm craving sugar and those look like they would hit the spot!


Sorry to hear about your car and the loss of all those macaroons! I must admit I love macaroons and got some fabulous photos of them whilst I was in France recently!! Loved your child's comment - made me smile!


yum, they look terrific. glad you enjoyed them.

love your little boys comment.LOL

Joanna Butchart

what a git - sorry couldnt think of any other appropriate word. glad you are all ok and that you have nice friends to cheer you up

Cherry Menlove

Ali, I am so sorry. I'm angry on your behalf and agree with your description of the man. I saw a man being assaulted on Monday and it was all I could do not to jump on the monsters back and hit him with my fists.
Cherry xxxx


Oh bloo-dee man! He'll get his, what goes around comes around, etc, etc. But shame about the excess! Hope everyone is OK though.


Fabulous! Children are great. Why is it the only bit of news is the bit where you did something wrong like overflow the sink or swear, even if it is under great provocation. I'm laughing and it's not yet 9 o'clock. Sorry about the car though. People who do things like that make me mad.

Victoria May Plum

What an idiot! yes, you could have bought a whole lot of macaroons for that.
You are lucky, I have lusted after those macaroons forever, I might buy myself some for Christmas (well, I'm not going to rely on my partners taste!, I'll buy my own presents thanks)

Victoria x


You poor thing. I'm glad you are OK (even if the car isn't). Those macaroons look very cheering though - almost too pretty to eat (almost!).
Cathy X


I've never had a macaroon.

Or somebody doing a hit and run on my. Bastard.

Glad nobody was hurt though!


the macaroons look scrumptious.

I can't believe you have had 2 car accidents in a week. you poor thing. Did you have any macaroons to go home to?


What a terrible thing to happen, glad you are ok, it must have been pretty scary. Hope the macaroons were able to make up for it a little bit, and it doesn't take too long to get the car fixed. did you get his registration number?


Oh no! You are having some bad car luck! I certainly hope karma gets him! Macaroons look heavenly.


Hi Ali,
what nightmare about the car - glad you're not hurt.

In a fit of temper my son told me that his school was an arse. Wonder where he got that from ?

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