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01 October 2007


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Ugh. Did you get that frantic, jellied belly feeling? So sorry for your driving blunder. No matter how minor or how exactly it was you felt, I can't imagine it was anything but the pits.

Forge ahead. Tomorrow will be better and all that.



Oh bugger. That wasn't the most fun experience ever.

Junie Moon

I'm so glad no one was hurt in but it must have scared both of you. What a great idea to give her a Moo card. I need to search your blog and see if you've got a picture of them posted that I've forgotten about. One of these days I'll get some Moo cards, too.


Isn't bumping into cars a little of an extreme method for handing out moo cards?! ; )

I also got some of that tape from Sarah but I don't intend to smack into any cars in order to use it! Presents will do me just fine!

Seriously, I'm pleased no one was hurt and that she was nice about it and I hope you have a better day today.


oh dear! that clanging of metal followed but THAT sinking feeling. Poor you.

I must carry moo cards with me. (I agree with caroline though... it's a dangerous type of self publicity!!!)

Linny T

That would have been a classic site to see - a car patched up with that gorgeous car tape!

Sorry to hear about your prang. Glad you can see the humour in the situation.


Glad your moo cards came in handy - not sure that's what they are usually used for though!! I love that tape.
Cathy x


So glad no one was hurt! I'm very impressed that you even remembered you had the cards with you. I probably wouldn't have even remembered my name in that situation. I guess you're better in stressful situations that I am.

Now I have a good reason to provide to my husband regarding why I *need* some Moo cards. They're for an emergency! I think they could make some super cute birth announcements, too. Hmmm....


Oh, not a good way to start the day. that sickening feeling of "What have I done?!" Glad you're all OK though, and hope insurance companies do all the hard work for you.

Groovy tape though!


um... at least no one was hurt. right?

Suzie Sews

Oh poor you, what a way to go shopping...those cute little Moos come in a very happy handy size. Yer that tape is cute cute cute...
Suzie Sews


bummers, I hate it when that happens!

love the tape! the car one looks very marimekko!

alice c

Cars are metal and plastic and can be repaired and replaced. People are much harder to mend. Take care of yourself.


well at least you're ok- very cool that you had your moo cards. I keep going to the sight choosing my photos and then not ordering them- I really need to order them!!


Oh Ali, how horrible for you, very glad you can see the positive side and indeed a very good reason to keep moo cards on hand at all times.


glad to hear that everyone is ok. those moo cards are fantastic! And the tape is too cute


oooooh lovely tape - I'll drop by and have a look!


Your so funny lol... love Julia x

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