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11 October 2007


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Junie Moon

I love mandarin oranges! Yummy.

What a shame about the leaves but I'm so glad you warned us because my husband and I are planning a trip up into the mountains this weekend to see if any of our Arizona trees have changed. I wanted to get leaves to try this waxed techique but think I shall just forego the leaf idea.


thank you for the tip. And when I tried that jelly with my boys? huhgh what's THAT thing in my jelly?


They just want plain strawberry and only strawberry jelly. Maybe a dash of sprinkles.

Talk about classy eh?


Maybe I'll attempt the jelly and not the leaves, although I think my children may be the only ones in the world who don't like jelly!
How about suspending the leaves in jelly and waxing the mandarins??
Julia x


You know what would be really classy? A squirt of aerosol cream on the top.

Sprinkled with crushed up ginger nuts.



Very autumnal posh jellies! They look fab!


Thanks for the update on the leaves. I was going to try that.

Marmite Breath

I actually made this last week! But I tried (not for the first time) to use a jelly mold, and I failed miserably.

Do you have any secrets for using a mold? Because I have three gorgeous ones that are sitting there unused (but not unloved) and I'd love to serve posh jellies in them. (also want to try a gin and tonic jelly next summer. mmmmm)

Thought: Is it mold or mould? I must look that up later. If I've used the wrong sort, y'all will have to forgive me. Yes, I said y'all. Forgive me for that too.



Our wax leaves turned black the next day... OH POO... and they looked so pretty hanging in the window

Mandarin oranges were the staple of my diet when I was expecting my daughter... your posh jellies look YUMMY!!!

Lala :o)

janet clare

Thanks for the warning about the leaves- I was planning on doing this at the weekend!
I shouted at Henry this morning and just before I left him at nursery he said "Do you like me, Mummy?" nearly broke my heart... he's got emotional blackmail down to a tee, and he is only 3!


Eewww! To the leaves, that is, not the jellies. The jellies look quite good.


oooh your jellies look so yummy, but in our house it would probably have to be one bowl with the jelly in it, and one bowl with the mandarins in it - I have kids that excel in making washing up!

alice c

Dottycookie is on the case...she has her finger on the pulse of haute cuisine. Must dash to buy jelly before shops shut.


That's one classy dessert! Should it not be topped with a blob of squirty cream just to finish it off?!! I love mandarin jellies, and I try to kid myself that it is in fact a healthy dessert because it has fruit in it!
Cathy XX


Now here's funny story about an orange jelly and mandarins. We used to have this as a child too!! But once when I was about 18 and we hadn't had it for years my mum decided to make it and she got a jelly out of the cupboard and I added the water and started stirring - it was this strange brown sort of colour and I asked my mum what flavour it was meant to be and she said "tangerine" and I said "funny colour" and we looked at the box and it was 5 years past it's sell-by-date.....some old things in cupboards lurk!!


Fab jelly. My mum used to put them all out in a circular pattern in one of those sponge flan bases and put the jelly on top... I tried it for my kids but the jelly all soaked into the base! I can't even cook easy food!


We used to have mandarin jellies when I was a kid - used to call it 'goldfish in aspic'. Yum.


Well, we call it Jello here and the kids love it.
Oh, and the leaf thing? I was going to do that today! Glad I read your note first. Too bad about yours.
Guess we'll make Jello instead. :)


I bought one of those old tupperware ones at the thrift shop that make the shape on the top of the mold. My kids think I am just a fabulous baker.


black leaves? seriously? so soon?



it is getting so hot here, and they look so refreshing. I froze some bananas yesterday, then mashed them up today. Added a drop or two of vanilla essence and viola, home-made banana ice cream. Perfect way to use those bananas that are turning, but not too far gone.


Love posh jelly! Almost as good as cold custard with bannanas set into with hundreds and thousands on. Although yes, I think squirty cream would make the perfect addition!

Thanks for mentioning your leaves went black. I will be telling G that it is NOT a good craft activity for his classroom!

Joanna Butchart

mine wont eat jelly which is just bizarre


oooh jelly - yum! Sorry to hear that your leaves didn't work out - they looked great at the beginning!

Ragged Roses

Oh I was thinking about those leaves today, we don't really need the smell of compost around the house. I think we'll make do with posh jellies instead, thanks again!!!
Kim x


My boys will just pop over for pudding too!


I love little tangerine segments out of tins !

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