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17 October 2007


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I love the linen thread - I must have missed that. Not that I know what I would do with it, but it's lovely anyway. And as if that would stop me...

EJL is one of my favourite stands and I always come away with something I really don't need, but that's the joy of it. When did need have anything to do with it?


I bought a needle felting kit at the NEC K&S show and it's great fun - just make sure you have the first aid kit ready first time you use it!!


I'm glad your son's been given the all-clear now- sounded scary.
It's a good job you didn't take him to the K&S show because the elbows were well and truly out! It put me off my shopping mojo- I just managed a few buttons!
I liked the housewife humour too- I thought it was really well done- not too obvious or in your face but with a lot of style.


I bought the needle-felting starter kit too! Plus the wooden holder to (hopefully) save my fingers and thumbs from too many injuries!

Bev and Ollie O

yes, what does "very English" mean, I do hate stereotypes. But the photos are great. Glad also to hear that your little boy's arm is recovering, bet you're so sick of hospitals!


Oh I'm drooling over all the lovely stuff!
(thanks for reminding me about the girl guides Hostess badge - that was one I'd forgotten!)


Glad Johnny is okay and using all his appendages again.

And Ali, if your thinking you're capable of knitting a hat (which you absolutely are! Hats are great beginner projects.) I have to tell you're absolutely capable of that tea cozy too. Really, I can tell from looking at it that it not all that dissimilar from a hat. Wish I could've been at the show with you so I could've subjected you to some peer pressure.

Junie Moon

I'm so glad Johnny is okay and getting back to being a normal little boy.

What amazing finds you made--I've been buying linen threads, too, and using them on my embroidery projects. Love that stuff!

janet clare

Sounds brilliant- thanks for the new 'names' to check out! I have loved Julie Arkell for ages.


I don't remember seeing any of that apart from the Selvedge stand and then I was tird and thought they were just selling the magazine. I didn't realise you weren't a competent knitter, you never said, lol....that tea cosy pattern is a classic and isn't as hard as it looks ;^)So glad your little man is on the mend!


glad the arm wasn't broken and he's feeling better. love seeing all your purchases, can't wait to see what you make with them

Joanna Butchart

that thread looks amazing. Glad you were able to go and glad you had a fab time. Er what is needle felting photos please. DO not tell me about medical establishments i will practically be living in one next week. Glad the little one is in one peice


Glad you had such a good time, that pumpkin teapot is so funny !

Rose Vintage

I loved the K/S show, it was the first time I've been and it was just fantastic but boy did my feet ache at the end of the day!

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