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19 October 2007


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What a great idea - I can't wait to see the finished article. Lovely print too.
Cathy XX


We did papier mache last term break and it was a huge success - not too messy! I love that print - lucky alright!!

jen j-m

happy weekend!



I love it. Even like that in its unfinished stage.

Was it really messy? I've always wanted to try it with the sproggs.


I'm right with you on half term. My two were worse than ever at getting ready today so thank goodness we have a break from that for a week. I'll be mainly an evening crafter next week as it drives me mad when we are all making a mess.
Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your badger free mornings next week,

Angel Jem

Papier mache? With boys? In the words of Dirty Harry, go ahead, punk, make my day and are you feeling lucky?
Oh go on, do it. They'll have a great time and you will be honour bound now that you've mentioned it to post the after pictures, won't you?
Have a good week!

Alicia A.

A cat toy! Brilliant.

I tried to put bells inside of a baby toy once and it didn't work at all.

Thank you!


Ooh, I ordered a print last week from Jen too, even bought a frame yesterday in anticipation of its arrival!


the prototype looks great and I am looking forward to more ideas...what a brilliant idea...jingle jingle....ho ho ho


omg. PERFECT shade of red. gah.

Junie Moon

I haven't tried paper mache in years and I love the idea of repurposing Christmas ornaments. What a great Etsy find, too.

Joanna Butchart

i have done papier mache with oliver he still has his bowl proudly on display. Didnt find it too messy at all. Enjoy the gorg weather and half term. PJ's until midday???


My boys did lots of papier mache stuff when they were younger.

feather nester

Great ornament idea! You're brilliant. And 13 is my lucky number, too. :)

syko kajsa

7 is my lucky number! I love that papier maché ball so much, would look so good in the Christmas tree, and with a little sound inside, even better! "If I can stand the mess", isn't that what crafting with kids is all about? Before I had kids I used to think I would craft a lot with my future children. Now I very much prefer crafting on my own. Peace and quiet is the best thing i know....

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