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03 October 2007


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What type of lollies hide under the ghostly exterior?


Here's to less rushed!

Joanna Butchart

i need to know more about your lollies they look great. i too keep accepting offers to do fairs and at the minute have nothing to sell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Bev and Ollie O

ooooooooh lovely little ghosties! x

French Knots

Can I be nosy? - what's in the little boxes next to the twine? Is that fair stuff too?

Junie Moon

What fun pictures--so full of the promise of crafty adventures. The lollies are so cute.


Hi Ali!!!

Love the lollies!!!

Good luck at the fair!!!

Lala :o)


yes, need more info re:lollies.
You can't just show us something cool and leave us in anticipation, us crafty people need info, minute detail + tutorial ;-)


brilliant ghostie lollies - I'm not surprised that they're a big hit! Hope you have a great time on Saturday.

odd dotty

I am also smitten with your ghost lollies! What a fabulous idea. Have fun at the craft fair!


Good luck for Saturday - I think I've more or less let go of the hope to do one this year, it's all just too mad right now.

I love those lollies though - will have to make some for my two!


I love that red and white twine so much! (Is it wrong to have a twine fetish? Are there support groups?!)


Is this the same fair where you sold the Holiday Organizers last year? I was very curious about those and wondered if we might see some more shots of them...


So cute. Have a great time! I love doing craft fairs. Wish I could come!


have fun at the fair! love the pictures and those ghosts will definitely be a hit!!!


the ghosties! a perfect project to do with my toddler, thank you! good luck at the fair.


Ahh. String. I just love bits of things like that. Your ghosties are adorable!

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