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04 October 2007


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Well really, I thought you would have made your own lollies on hand whittled sticks ;-)

Seriously, those are fab. Even my non-sweet eating, non-craft loving husband made me reload the page so he could look at them again. It's no use, we are going to have to make some.


Hi Ali,
they are fab. I'm definitely going get the boys to make some of those.

Thanks for the tutorial - and yes you get a badge!

Miss Dot

well done! now, if the kids around these parts start trick or treating (I am in Australia) I will know what to make!

janet clare

They are great- I'm going to have to make hundreds!

Junie Moon

How cute and I can't believe how easy it is--you were right! And yes, you do deserve a badge. This is a great way to hand out fun treats on Halloween night.

Joanna Butchart

woohoo congrats on your first tutorial and thanks for satisfying my curiosity.


Oh yes, a blue peter badge I think is deserved!

brilliant idea!


super cute idea!
We're going to have to try some of these at our house :)
Thanks for the tutorial.
A badge? Most definitely.


Of course you get a badge!

Have a wonderful time at the craft fair. Good weather is forecast so that should bring the crowds out. :)

Suzie Sews

Oh my I am so loving these,so cool, my little guys will love making these...
Suzie Sews

Ragged Roses

Thanks Ali - they look great, something to do for half term methinks!
Kim x


I can't believe how fab these are. You have turned my crotchety child into a happy bunny! We rushed up the shop to get some lollies full of excitement - and you didn't let us down!!! Thank you thank you


A gold blue peter badge should be on its way to you already!! These are so cute!


they look so cute on the grass!!

I'll have to make some too.


Haha, fun!! Amazingly well done! Simple, but yet so effective :)


Thanks for the tutorial - that is a much better idea for trick or treat gifts than the usual boring bowl of sweets (or money that some seem to expect but don't get!). Will keep the girls busy for a while too!
Cathy X

odd dotty

Well done on the tutorial, I love that each step has a picture. And that last one? Way too cute! It looks like all the little ghosty lollies are singing a carol of some sort. Love it!


Fantastic idea, now all I have to do is find some clean tissues, although some of them Kitty's only blown her nose on once, seems a waste not to use them!

Can't wait until tomorrow, I'll let you know how we get on!

Julia x


The bottom photo looks like the klu klux klan (I hope that is spelt correctly). What a simple cheap, cool idea!

Vanessa x

Kloth  Bolt

Oh so cute! I love the wide open mouths! -kb


they're great! I will definitely be making these for Josh's classmates this halloween!

Bev and Ollie O

a very good clear tutorial! ;o)

a badge IS in order I feel! hehe

Victoria May Plum

They are so cute! we will definitely be making some of those.

Victoria x

two hippos

What a fun and totally brilliant idea!


Gostei da idéia! muito boa!


Very effective Ali, what a great idea.

Good luck with your fair tomorrow :)


LOL, fantastic! thank you, they are so cool!
I think you deserve a scary ghost badge!
I'm still smiling :-)


How very fun! I used to make these as a little girl, but I've completely forgotten about them!

My 2.5 year old & I just made them to deliver to friends in our "boo boxes". Boo boxes are hard to describe, but you can read what I just posted at mommysecrets.com.

Thanks for sharing such a clever idea!!

Good + Happy Day...

That is the cutest thing! And it's easy enough for a 3-year-old to do! I've been trying to think of somthing creative to make for Halloween with my daughter that we could give to visitors. These are perfect!


Very cute - great idea!


Those are so cute - do you hand them out to the trick-or-treaters?


There are so cool i have done them before a ton of kids love them. Check out my blog at http://upsanddownsofcfanatic39.blogspot.com/


Absolutely! A great big badge because they're so cute :)


Such lovely ghostly lollies. I love the picture of them in the grass. I'd forgotten but am now reminded that my daughter bought one home from playgroup some years back now. I'm a childminder so i'm going to be using this as a craft after half term. Hmm - I think the Brownies would enjoy this too! Thanks for the tutorial.


What a cool idea!


Oh, my mom used to make those when I was a kid! Those are soooo cute.


Hey Ali!

Did you know that your 1st tute has appeared in CraftZine?



That is a brilliant idea!


This takes me way back. We made these as a project in kindergarten and a boy in the class stole mine! When I said something to the teacher, she didn't care and when my mom picked me up, she didn't care either. A big life lesson learned from these ;)

(came from WhipUp) ;)


Well done, they are great!!!
I'm gonna make some

Cat Morley

Ha ha, those look awesome!


what a cute idea! im going to get a piece of styrofoam to stick them in and let the kids who come trick-or-treating just take them out themselves...maybe make it like a little cemetery w/headstones!!

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