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30 October 2007


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I'm convinced the clocks going back doesn't help - everything suddenly seems much more gloomy! I feel like a sloth, dragging myself around the place and can't be bothered to do much apart from eat a lot! Your felting looks lovely - beautiful blue.


I am impressed - I haven't got round to doing my felting yet. I was going to do little red hearts, maybe for some Christmas cards.


is that to decorate your blue hat?

I too think it's the dark evenings. Very depressing. And the cold and the thought that Christmas is all around us and it'not even November. (that makes me really mad).


You'll have to make sure he brings you back some mighty impressive presents from his trip !

I've never done needle felting before, s it hard ?


big hugs to you, I think it is the change of time as well, I really dislike this time of the year once you get past end of school time, it just becomes this sort of mush :(


Oh, Ali, so sorry. We're here (see me waving at you?) and I hope your spirits lift quickly. The heart is very nicely done, though I don't know if I recommend you having a sharp stabbing implement in your hand when you're feeling out of sorts... maybe some chocolate would be better? All kidding aside, take care of yourself.


Uggh, I'm sorry...it can be so draining to do all the childcare alone.


I feel your frustration. Mine goes away for a minimum of three days every fortnight, year in, year out. Often for longer. Once, he left me for three weeks with a 2 year old, 1 year old, and 6 week old to care for by myself. Yes, I'm still pissed off.


I hope things start looking up soon. I wanted to say something using the word 'heart-felt', but I'm resisting:)


oh! :( i'm so sorry, ali. being hubby-less is the worst.

Alicia A.

Oh, honey. I'm sorry. Hang in there, k?


Oh goodness, you have my sympathy. I hate it dreadfully when my dh is out of town. The kids get crazy and I can't sleep properly... Let yourself wallow a little then...chin up! It won't last forever and you'll feel better, I hope.

The needle felting looks quite nice. What will you do with it? It's too friendly looking for a voodoo doll.


chin up pet, you've got all of us for "adult" company ;)

you're wee needle felted heart is sweet Z x


There just seems to be more and more business trips these days.Companies should be more responsible and sensitive to families I think.
Go find a good magazine get yourself some chocolate and try Baileys in hot milk tonight.It always works for me!

Ink and Indigo

Nice felting! Boyfriend is doing much the same, and tales of lavish meals on the expense account doesn't do much for my fed-upness either. Pah!


the felt heart is lovely, being left on your own is horrid, and this time of year is hard, its wet gloomy and cold and not christmas yet, hang in there.

janet clare

Me too! Only I'm fed up in advance, hubby just got 10 days notice to go to the USA, a trip which wipes out 2 weekends, a mid week dinner party we were supposed to be having here and a girly day out for me... I'm afraid I shot the messenger!

Ragged Roses

Keep the effigy making for tonight (Halloween) that could be fun! Hope things get better for you, these long dark evenings don't help do they? Take care
Kim x
PS the heart is lovely

French Knots

It's hard work when you're doing it on your own and the night drawing in don't help. I've felt a bit bleugh the last few days, chocolate is a good standby! x

Junie Moon

The felt heart is cute. The only felted wool thing I've made is teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy little peas for my Princess and the Pea dollhouse project last year. But it was fun even if miniscule in size.

I know what you mean about the husband traveling thing. Mine is doing something similar and today he told me he has to travel for work the day before our flights to Florida for Thanksgiving. So, he's going to have to meet me there--so annoying.


Oh I know just how you feel - my oh is away so often I feel like a single parent sometimes! I agree with greetingarts - chocolate is definitely the key to survival...


god I know exactly how you feel. It's been non stop trips since September. He arrives home tomorrow morning after being gone since the 21st- YAY!!


oh sweetie, poor you. i know only too well the feeling of being home alone too often whilst husband is off doing his thing for work so you have my sympathies and a big long distance hug xx

ps forget the chocolate, i'm eating enough for all of us in this pregnancy!!! do what i can't - break out the hard stuff and enjoy a couple of well earned drinks curled up on the sofa...that's what dark nights are made for surely???


I love the heart. I find needle felting very therapeutic, stabbing injuries aside, and I think a bit of corporate effigy voodoo would do you good!
Keep smiling and just think what fun it will be when he's home again making up for lost time ;o)


Ugh, I hear you. Mine does less of it now but the combination of short days, perpetually mildly unwell and tired children, back to school, and silly amounts of work is just about doing me in. I'm impressed you're managing to craft despite it all!


Oh poor Ali - that is no fun at all - why couldn't all of the predictions from the 1950's have come true then there would be no need for business trips or indeed work at all and we'd all have robots to do all of the housework! Hope the next few weeks fly by and that he arrives home bearing gifts and big hugs. Lovely blue heart.


You also have to have great sympathy for hubby who must regret having no household chores, no nagging from wife or being pestered by kids.

He must be suffering at those extended expense account meals and in those 5* hotels.

Poor thing!!!


Gosh I love the idea of a felted corporate effigy. You might be on to something there, my husband's work IT and working from home half the week means that he is barely able to pass the computer without sitting down to work, it seems great that he is at home 2 days a week but actually what that means is that he works those two days and most nights and the majority of the weekend. I think I will join you and create a needle felted computer. We should have a virtual party.

In the meantime.... sounds like you need some "me" time and as others have said, there seems to be a definite change when the clocks go back, try and organise something to look forward, I have been feeling a little similar and have just bought a new cookbook and started planning another girly supper/Dorris Day evening, it has really cheered me up.

By the way, the felting is lovely.


I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who gets completely miffed when hubby is away.

I think Kristy's suggestion is definitely worth trying!


Oh poor you. That sounds grim...I always find when my husband is away that it's the small things that end up making me feel completely exhausted...like locking the front door last thing at night which he always does - not a big job at all, but it's horrible to have to take care of everything alone.

Hope you are feeling better today and that you get a big break when he returns x


Sigh. I hear ya. After a blessed 9 months of no travel for David everything is hitting at once this fall -- lots of trips bam bam bam and more on the horizon. Blah. At least I only have one to keep up with. You'll make it through I'm sure. Hugs.


what you need are tiny chocolate hearts to eat whilst doing the stabbing.

keep smiling:)


lovely start for the felting i m addicted to it since 3 years!!!!!

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