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12 October 2007


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Perhaps your dear husband should peruse the likes of "Knitting Lingerie Style" or "Sexy Little Knits." If the end product of knitting can be sexy, surely the *act* of knitting can be so as well. If he still doesn't think so, perhaps a little knitting in the buff would change his mind. Then again, why bother. You're enjoyment is all that counts. He can get his jollies elsewhere. ;) To each her own.


Huh? Knitting dishcloths not sexy? Somebody forgot to send me that memorandum.


Hmm...I think a few strategically place dishrags could be pretty sexy!


but the possibilities of what you could make that is sexy!!!

I was hand quilting the other day, and my 4 year old says, 'Mum you look like an old granny'


Does dear husband know these can also be used in the bath??!! It looks perfect Ali - well done!


mmm Greg says I need to get some of those wordsearch books to go wth my kntting habit - just like his Auntie Irene..... I knitted him the coolest hot scarf ever last winter though and he got lots of compliments.


Well, when I started knitting I remember balancing one of the needles on my tummy when purling. Hubby said, "I don't remember my mom doing that when she knit." Well, I don't use my tummy anymore, but it's probably still not a pleasure to watch. :o)


love your dishcloths. I knit them all the time - Louise got me started . I will have to ask my husband whether he thinks it is sexy to knit a dishcloth!!!!!

janet clare

Thanks for the link!
Maybe our hubbies should form a support group or something?


On the scale of sexiness I think knitting dishcloths beats toilet cleaning hands down.So if we can only do sexy things...!!!
By the way you really set me off with that link to the pinny porn guffaw! I just had to post!
So when that hate mail comes you know who's fault it is!


well, really....the dishcloth looks lovely and I love to use them as does Bary! Now, if you notice a couple, with cameras round their necks me blonde, him dark haired and not too tall, at Ally Pally on Sunday, then say hello cos it might be us! Would be lovely to meet you! Marianne :^)


That's pretty funny :)
Your dishclothes are great... but my husband would agree with your husband, he doesn't think knitting is sexy at all. Oh well :)


Julia Roberts knits - she's sexy!


We just got back from the K&S show- I don't mean to gloat but my intended drove us two hours there and back and gave a really good impression of enjoying it while he was there! I have to admit that he mocks me when I knit too though!!!

alice c

What makes me most uncomfortable about this debate is the suggestion that it is not legitimate to do something for personal enjoyment if you are a woman. If knitting or baking was presented as a small business opportunity it would be admired; similarly, if sewing was represented as a means to improve a house for financial gain it would be admired. I am not sure why those same skills are not valid as hobbies. Nobody suggests that sport or music should have a financial return.

Queen Bee

The dishcloth looks fab! :) I agree with alice c, why shouldn't we do something purely for our own pleasure? My other half plays golf (which is surely the most pointless sport ever invented!) so why shouldn't I knit, sew or do anything else I like?!?


well, I hope you had fun. YOu have no idea how disappointed I was not to be able to join you... still mopping up vomit... lovely eh?

(I'd knit him a tie for Christmas if I were you!!)


WAY SEXY!!! WOOOO HOOO! I think anything creative has a sexy energy to it- it is a life-force that we have and has to do with love, after all is said and done!


Not sexy, indeed! I'd have considered that reason enough to look for an alternative use for a knitting needle ;-)

Hope you had a loverly day today. And spent lots of money on knitting supplies!

Junie Moon

This post had me laughing so hard--knitting isn't sexy indeed!

I'm working on dishcloths and washcloths, too. Knitting them is so relaxing and I love it. And isn't relaxed one of the first steps in being sexy? Tell him just to think about this more from a different perspective.

Hmmm...I'm going to go ask my husband his opinion about this, be right back...

...I just related your story to my husband. He says, "I really don't have an opinion on knitting." So I said thank you and I shall report that all you're willing to provide is a safe "husband" answer like the kind of answer you give when asked "Does this make me look fat?" Now he's laughing.


My mum can join Megan's and your husbands. When I first started knitting dishcloths and washcloths she shrieked incredulously 'but you can BUY three for a dollar at Target!'

Sigh ... they just don't UNDERSTAND.


i had this exchange with my 6 year old neice said yesterday (as i knitted) -
Neice: You look like a nana
Me: I'm 29 and I'm wearing short shorts. I prefer the term domestic goddess
Neice: ok. but you're knitting bed socks.
Me: Do-mes-tic God-dess


Not Sexy? Obviously he needs to read this http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/2007/02/ten-alternative-ways-to-say-i-love-you.html I have it tacked on waht passes for an 'inspiration board' in my house (there's not that much on it, does that say something about how inspired I am?) and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Methinks he needs to be re-educated ;P Along with a lot of other people, apparently. This whole 'gentle arts' thing certainly is creating a bit of a stink, isn't it? I've been talking about it a bit on my blog, too, and I got quite worked up, but now I just think it's a bit sad, really. You would think we could just get over it, but apparently we all have to go through this every time the media finds out that people still craft...

Those are very beautiful dishcloths, btw. I'm mucho impressed.


You've done a great job on your dishcloth -- congratulations! And thanks for the laugh over the sexy knitting debate. Tell hubby I have every confidence that he, with a little imagination applied, can make knitting sexy!


I'm really taken with making these dishclothes. I love the star in yours. I have to admit I haven't used mine yet, I'm not a fan of doing the dishes, I think I'll use mine as flannels !

Suzie Sews

Do you know a very talented neighbour I know stoped knitting as her husband (who is away a LOT!!!) said it is not sexy...you know I do not thing she has knitted anything since and watches telly to fill the time whilst he is away...goodness knows what he thinks of me when I am knitting in the road whilst the kids play on their bikes!!!beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!

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