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20 October 2007


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Don't bother to check the score it was not in England's favour! Now even grumpier.


That turned out great. It looks very Autumny, without using red or orange. Your wool issues sound like my linen issues - it's driving me nuts.


Those kind of deals happen a lot in my house too. The bag looks great - I'd love to hear how it road tests. This one is on my list of things to try, so its good to see everyone's tips. I'm assuming pelmet interfacing is extremely thick?


The bag looks great!

I hope all are well in your house after the events in Paris. My husband has stomped up to bed muttering crossly. Can't say I blame him really ...


I love the combination of bright blue and wool - it looks great! What happened with the interfacing - maybe I can help. I use something called 'shapewell' or sometimes just thicker weight old fabric that I have in the stash. I also have heard people use template plastic (for quilting) for the base of handbags. I have used cardboard once or twice which worked quite well.


I LOVE the color combination you chose! The bag looks really very functional. I'm curious to hear how it works out in the "real world." For bag bottoms, I've used a piece of foam core board and then covered it in packaging tape to make it somewhat waterproof. It doesn't add weight to the bag if that's what you're going for, but it definitely gives it structure.


oh, i love those kind of deals. not happening today, though!

the bag is awesome - looks great.


Love the bag- much nicer than the floppy one of this summer!

Junie Moon

What a great bag--I like how you faced little challenges here and there and sorted out a solution. I really must remember all this when I get around to making the bag.


That sounds like a great deal! And the bag is great. I love the handles.


is your husband as grumpy as mine this morning?? Mr M 'on death's door flu' miraculously disappear in time for the game so off he went to the pub. Just as misteriously it has now reappeared in time for not sweeping up the leaves in the garden.


Gorgeous bag. I bet you're not grumpy!!


Great bag - it worked out really well!

Kloth  Bolt

I've been wanting to try this bag, thank you for all the tips! It looks wonderful! -kb

Joanna Butchart

well done on the bag. I keep looking at making one for myself but never seem to get round to it.


I love it when those deals come through. So rare but so enjoyed. Great bag!


Looks like your bag was much more of a success than our rugby team! Congrats to you and commiserations to your hubby!


Yum! That inner blue really sets it all off perfectly.


it's lovely! (the bag that is....not the final score)

Bev and Ollie O

oooh lovely bag, the fabric is yum and the flowery handles are a lovely touch!


Great bag - well done for working out the problems. I have to resort to bargaining techniques to get and peace and quiet in the sewing room at the weekends too!
Cathy XX


Love the bag - that tweedy wool is gorgeous - I bet the test drive will confirm it's a winner! I think you definitely got the best deal!

Angel Jem

I like the bag.... and it scored better than England! I don't know about your house but it was quite quiet around here for a little while! (fortunately, hubby is more of a football man, so he turned over & got Match of the Day, wher the merseyside derby fell his way.... fluke, said I)
How has it stood up to oyur test drives?


Rugby Smugby...we were out ages ago...and that is OK, because sewing here at 3am wasn't going to work for me. We just didn't get into this WC because of that time difference.

Momma Pajama

Your new bag looks very nice! I agree that you almost have to make a bag twice to get all the kinks out of it!

Simply Stork

I love it that you took this bag for a test drive...how funny but neccessary! It looks so nice...but it's nothing if it doesn't pass the "out and about" test(lol)


lovely bag! i've been wanting to try that pattern for ages, and yours looks great.
football for sewing- i like that kind of deal!

Ragged Roses

I love that bag - hope the mood in the house was spoilt by the rugby score!
Ki mx


totally LOVE your work and blogg


hugs from the north of sweden

Bad Birdy

I really love your bag. I made the same on and it was a bit limp even with stabilizer. Yours looks awesome!

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