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08 October 2007


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Junie Moon

The leaves are gorgeous and I love how they look in the window. Congratulations on your 300th post!


Congrats on 300 posts. I think it will take me another 5 years to get to that amount!! Keep on nattering!


I love this time of year with it's misty mornings and wonderful autumnal colours and what a perfect window display to celebrate it. Congrats on 300 posts - I love my visits here so please can we have another 300?


As children we would put leaves between wax paper and iron the sheets together to preserve the colors. However, as usual, Martha Stewart's idea is much prettier.

Marmite Breath

300 posts! AWESOME!

You rock, Ali.


Kloth  Bolt

WOW! 300th post, Congrats! -kb


congrats on 300 posts!
the leaves look beautiful.


300! ha, i beat you! :)
those leaves look very fun - only martha would think of that, right? :)

French Knots

wow 300, keep it up!
Love the leaf idea, I think I might make some to hang on my steaky windows too!


Congratulations on your 300th post! I think I'm at 23. Wow! I love the leaf idea. I have always wondered how to preserve the color. Here's to another 300!


Congratulations on 300 posts! Until I started writing my own, I don't think I could have appreciated what an amazing feat that actually is. I love reading and seeing your stuff - please keep it up!


Congrats..Here's to 300 more! Love your blog.


Cool! Lovely leaves. I'll try to remember this for next year as our colors are almost all gone already!!

Here's to 300 more!


Happy 300th Post!
loving the leaves.


300? I feel like a complete lightweight. Well done you!

Those leave look wonderful - what a great idea. We've been conker stringing here - well, until they spotted the sparkly beads and suddenly - conkers? They're *so* yesterday, mummy.

Joanna Butchart

yet another thing from your blog that is being added to my never ending to do list

congrats on 300


Love the leaves. I've seen it done with roses and their leaves and stems, but never thought of autumn leaves... Thanks for posting that!
Congrats on 300. wow


300 posts! Now I feel totally inadequate! We're overrun with conkers, leaves, shells and beach pebbles here, it's like a nuature reserve!

Your stall lookes lovely at the craft fair. It is so difficult standing there with a rictus smile whilst people scrutinise something that has taken you hours to make and then whisper to their friends before skulking off.

Julia x
ps Just got back from our Featherdown hols, it was amazing, we all want to go back!


wow! the leaves look fantastic, what a great idea. Congratulations on 300 posts, thats amazzing! Looking forward to reading the next 300.


What a lovely way to preserve the colors of fall for a while! I imagine a bowl-ful of waxed leaves would be fun to play with, too.
Congrats on your 300th post! Lucky us!


Oh they look fun. How did you do it? Is it the sort of thing you could entertain a children's party with? (Can you tell I have one looming large at me now and I'm wondering what to do with all these children I have recklessly invited?!)

Congrats on the 300th post. I do enjoy your blog.


I like the leaves! I still haven't seen that magazine though and I'm sure I'd make a huge mess with wax. I'd best stay away from that project.
Happy 300th post! :)


That turned out beautifully!


What type of wax did you use?

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