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07 October 2007


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geesh. rudeness. i can't believe some people.

(i heart your stuff.) (not that you didn't know that already.)

Gill at Lucy Locket

Some people just don't get it do they?! That's what so cool about blogland, you know we all appreciate and admire what you create even if the rest of the world doesn't appear to :)Don't let it put you off, sounds like you didn't have high expectations anyway of this Fair.
I'm joining you in the sofa thing, just had a large glass of wine (well 2 then) and settling down to watch X-Factor.


With gin and tonic in hand I'm cruising through my bloglines subscriptions - yep Sundays indeed ya gotta love 'em! Even if you have to run the gauntlet of the craft fair just to get here and old people you gotta love 'em too for just speaking their minds and not caring who they upset/insult - don't you?!


What a pretty, pretty stall! I love that house - did you make that too?

Sounds like you had some odd people at the fair. By the way, the advent calendars look great, and the attendees are mad if they think otherwise.

Bev and Ollie O

I think your stuff is fabulous darling!

You have a very observant boy there!


well it's over now, enjoy your glass of wine and forget that rude woman.


What a peculiar thing to say - I'm guessing she's never made a thing in her life.

I know what you mean about making something specifically for someone. I feel like a dodgy hippy but I always like to think of who it's for while I make it and somehow I think that means it will be more theirs.

I've just seen the time and I'm sold on the wine :)


Craft fair over. Job well done. Sunday relished. Wine drunk. Enjoy it all, friend.

Joanna Butchart

You have got to love craft fairs. I am in two minds about whether to do mine on Saturday. Sunday night, feet up Top Gear on. Have a good one


And why, pray tell, would anyone want a "usual" item? Mostly I get, "it's, uh, different" - and that's just from my family!

Have a good evening!


I thought your table looked lovely and your ideas were ingenious (especially the organiser envelopes and the advent calendar). I had the pleasure of finishing the lolly too!


Remember, opinions are like noses..everyone has one (there is a ruder version). I think your stall looked fab, and good for you! Enjoy the wine. x


Your stall looked fabulous! Wouldn't you just love to know what those homes of those people look like? Either very plain or..."different." :)

Enjoy the wine - have a glass for me!


I love your presentation, and your creations, too!


Well, I think your stuff is lovely.
I'm going to go and pour a glass of red because you've put the idea in my head.
Cheers !

Marmite Breath

Hrumph! (That's me being indignant).

What's wrong with people?

I think you're right--while it might be fun to do a craft fair, there's something so delicious about making something for someone in mind.


I think your stall looks wonderful, and the advent calendars look great, sorry they weren't appreciated more. Enjoy your evening, wine sounds good.


People are their to be entertained and entertain you! People say the funniest things don't they.

I love your stuff, I could do with one of those Christmas organisers. I have a problem with duplicating Christmas presents!

Vanessa x

Alicia A.

I'm glad it went well.

I can't believe that lady said that! How odd and rude.

Hope you find some good relaxation time. Take care.htt


Amen to items with soul and big glasses of red wine. I'm writing this on a break on my first day of work (see how dedicated I am) and that all sounds just lovely to me.


Even my husband is a critic. He doesn't get a thing I make. I just shrug.

You know, cultures all over the world make things. And they're all different styles, with different functions and different designs to suit different purposes from what we're used to. And to most of those cultures, our "usual" items (such as the crap found in Walmart) would seem rather "unusual", dare I say most of it "useless".
I guess you just don't measure up to what the average person would find on the shelves these days...
I say: please don't change a thing!
We need MORE handmade, unique items, not less! And cerainly not "usual" junk that ends up in the landfills when new junk comes along anyway!
Hey, did that just turn into an incoherent rant?
Sorry! I'm tired.


I think all your creations are just lovely and they were displayed beautifully. Don't worry, some people just don't get it!

Junie Moon

Your display is lovely, your items are wonderful, and I do understand about the "soul" to be found in making vs. selling. I don't know why people find it necessary to say rude things but don't worry about it as you can't please everyone.

Queens Knitting Mama

The Ghostie Lolli are amazing! Wow!

janet clare

Your stall looked great. I've totally given up on craft fairs (and I might do yet with Etsy!)
Children and old folk are the best aren't they!


Ali your stall looks fabulous and I love your little advent sets.

I think there must be some unwritten rule that there is always one "grocery bag lady" at these fairs. Either they don't like something and feel the need to vocalize their opinion, usually fairly loudly or, when told the price of something, they roll their eyes to heaven and start muttering incoherently and walk away looking like you've just insulted them :) BUT for every one person like that who doesn't get it, there are lots more who do.


I totally understand where you're coming from..I went to my first market yesterday to try to sell some of my quilts without much success BUT having said that did meet some wonderful fellow crafters who did appreciate all the hard work and love sewn with every stitch. I think your stall looked beautiful and you should be very proud of the gorgeous items you have created, your one talented lady!! don't give up!!!Ohh yeah I loved the bunting very cute!


The stall looks great - really festive and welcoming. No craft fair would be complete without the opinionated plebs who don't understand what it is to give something special and unique that is handmade with care and love - their loss fortunately! Glad you had a warm sofa and a big glass of wine to reward you for your hard work.


some people eh?

I think you're table looked fantastic!!

Any top tips for me? (I don't have a dovecote... sigh)


Glad you enjoyed the craft fair and that you can take all the bizarre comments on the chin!!


I read your blog everyday and I really enjoy it! I see that you were selling those robin Christmas ornaments that I LOVE! I would have bought them all! I think I will drink some wine right now since my girls (3 and 19 months) are running me ragged!


What is it about craft shows? I've never made much $ at them and people have said some crazy stuff to me as well (weird, isn't it?), yet I find myself wanting to do one now that craft show season is rolling around.

What are you going to do with your extras? Have you considered an Etsy shop?


very pretty!

liking the red. A lot. ;) Oh and the wee house and the advents and, and...

I managed to rip my new top on Saturday at our craft fair...bummer. Trying to climb/crawl underneath the table to get to the other side (we had a rubbish table in the corner that you couldn't get into/out of.


Hear, hear! I'm ready for that feeling of completion after my craft fair on Saturday. I know I'll like it when I get there, but I'm so ready for it to be over with already!

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