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15 October 2007


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janet clare

Oh dear, hope he's okay!


Aw poor poppet! Johhny looks kinda proud of his sling though :)

Looking forward to hearing about the Stitch Ex. I myself went to 4 different carpet shops, and had the house measured by 3 different blokes on Saturday...which wasn't as much fun.


poor buddy!
hope you get it figured out - i hate that kind of limbo...


oh poor little guy. He looks likes he's being brave with his sling, hope everything goes ok when you get it checked out again.


Poor love. Maybe he damaged ligaments?They can be as painful as a break. I hope he feels better soon.


Oh, poor baby. I hope you can get an answer today and that he feels back to normal again soon. Scary stuff.


I'm sure he'll be jumping around again in no time at all! Hope his arm is better soon.


he would have been using his arm by now if it was ok....
Hope he gets sorted soon! I have to say he loloks rather cute and happy in the photo though.



Johny's injury really sounds like "nursemaid's elbow" to me. I'm not a doctor, of course, but I've known a lot of children who've had it. Basically, it's a dislocation of one of the bones in the elbow that causes one of the ligaments that holds the joint together to be pinched. It occurs mostly in preschool aged children usually does not show up on xray. Until it's resolved, the child will not use their arm and often will hold their wrist rather than their elbow. If you've not yet headed back to the doctor, you may want to ask about it when you do.

A few helpful links:


Marmite Breath

Aw. Let us know what happens. Poor little guy!


Love to see Alexandra Palace mentioned. Looking forward to reading all about the knit and stitch show. I used to live at the bottom of the park at Ally Pally and had a fab view of it from my house. Loved all those craft shows and miss them terribly!
Hope you get to the bottom of the poor wee soul's injury soon.


poor little guy (and mum!). funny, as this is so similar to what lera (theskyispink) just went through with her daughter's leg. hope the 2nd x-rays show something conclusive.


Ooh ouch - hope you get it sorted soon. He looks very brave!


Hope the little guy is ok. My big guy (16) managed to fracture a bone in his wrist whilst larking about on the kiddies swing in the first hour of our summer hols. It took three x-rays to detect:(


Poor wee man!Hope everything is ok, I find it more stressful not knowing either way.


Poor boy! I hope they are able to sort it out quickly for him. Little guys don't usually do well with explanations of, "well, we don't really know what's wrong with it..." - at least not in my experience.

If he does end up with some sort of long-term sling, at least you know you can make him a fun one!

Junie Moon

Poor little guy, I hope it all turns out okay but I'm glad you're following your instincts to make sure.

French Knots

Poor little chap!
Hope thay find out what's wrong with him or more importantly how to make him feel better


Take care of the little babe, I hope nothing is really truly wrong.

Joanna Butchart

i have splent plenty of time in a&e with my little ones so you have my sympathy. Hope all is well and looking forward to hearing all about knit and stitch

alice c

That is a really useful comment by Sarah - I have learned something new today which surprises me because I thought my son had gone through the manual of injuries.

I hope that the little man feels better soon - children heal so fast.


oh the poor thing! I hope he feels better. He looks awfully cute in that photo :)


aw poor little muffin! I hope he feels better soon!


oh poor wee guy. I hope he's ok


Hope that he's ok! I did something similar as a child and it wasn't broken - just bent a little!


Given there are a quadzillion bones in the hand/wrist he could easily have a little greenstick fracture hiding in there. Or yeah, it could be ligament damage, given his description of what happened. 'Cause I'm a doctor and I know.

Hope you find a satisfactory answer, and he's feeling better soon.


Be well Johnny - what a brave boy. Hope it gets better very soon x


I was pleased to hear you did make it to Ally Pally as it was a great show but I am very sorry to hear about your little man. Hope he is feeling much better soon!


Did they check if he has dislocated his elbow? It's really easy done for a child apparently and the only sign is that they don't move their arm...

poor little lad.

By the way... No 3 has started the 'show' now... oh lucky me.


Ali... Hope he perks up soon... my sister had that happen when she was a wee one (about 6 years old)... have them check his shoulder... my sister ended up with a dislocated shoulder in the end when my parent's thought it was her wrist (we were sledding and her hand got caugth under the sled)... anyway... big hugs to him!!!

lala :o)

Ragged Roses

Oh Johnny hope you get better soon. What a cool sticker! Hope things are on the mend (!) and your mum gets a chance to tell us all about her adventures.
Kim x


ouchy. poor little man...and poor mum for spending your time stuck at the hospital.


What a rough time. Hope he is better soon. It may have been a fracture that didn't show up or something pulled?
He is such a cutie.


Poor thing. They bounce back very quickly though. We've had several trips to A&E thinking that we would be coming home with limbs in plaster, only to find out that it was just a bruise. Hope the same goes for you. Looking forward to hearing about your visit.
Cathy X

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