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05 September 2007


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What a sweet mummy you are!

I would have been out shopping and drinking coffee all day ;)


Aren't you a lovely Mummy and aren't they growing up!

Junie Moon

I was always so glad to see the last day of a school year and saddened on the first day--it was such a joy having the time to do things with my children and sad when I had to let them go. I know this is part of life but they're only with you such a short amount of time when all is said and done.

I love your descripton of your cupcakes--naked--make me laugh. I'm sure they were pretty when all gussied up and yummy to boot.


I know just how you feel, it's kind of eerie how quiet it is.


Cupcakes can fix just about anything, can't they?

And that hug looks super boy-ish to me --


i know what you mean. i was lost all day yesterday without my loud little guy!


my kids don't go back till next week and now I'm getting the point where I can't wait! They are getting antsy and underfoot but I'm sure I'll feel just the same as you when they are gone!

French Knots

It's been odd here too, I tidied up this morning and there was nobody to mess it up again!

janet clare

I, like you, are particularly fond of my boys when they aren't actually here!


Too quiet? Did you ever think you would say such a thing...

I hope they come home soon. To give their Mum a hug and to clothe those poor naked cupcake. A naked cupcake is a sad cupcake.

Ragged Roses

Oh I know that feeling. We had favourite supper tonight! Even the prospect of days sewing isn't enough for me at the moment
Kim x
You're very welcome to move into my kitchen, if you can find room amongst the washing, ironing and debris of daily life!


What lucky kiddos you have!

Joanna Butchart

i am finding this school business too wierd

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