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14 September 2007


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Angel Jem

I love the dancing JCB's.... have a great time at the show. I suppose all lifestock will be banned? I hope we're not in for another bad year like last time!


OOOH, all looks lovely. I sent mine off at the start of the week, and received my parcel yesterday. Need to get some pictures up ... it was fun, wasn't it?

Junie Moon

What a great swap package--swaps are so much fun and you discover the most amazing and creative ideas.

I never heard of JCBs before--that's a new one. But since they're dancing, that's even better. Have a wonderful time.

janet clare

Joe loved the dancing diggers when he saw them. Have a good weekend!


Your swap package looks gorgeous, I love the idea of the water fabric as a liner- it would be a lovely treat every time you opened your bag.


oh wow, my kids would love to see dancing diggers :) Have a super time!

Great swap stuff :)


I love the Artsy Clutch - think i'm going to make about a hundred of them!
Have fun at the show - we're going tomorrow and we are definitely going to see the diggers,our son would never forgive us if we didn't


Oh. Oh. Oh. Your swap package sounds SO more profesional than mine! Haha! I'll be lucky if my partner doesn't swap my bag for an evil plastic non biodegradable one!
And the other Oh! is that I just asked DH where Newbury is and he said its 2 hours away. Then laughed hysterically when I asked if we could go. Oh.

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