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03 September 2007


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Angel Jem

I like it. It has the benefit of being green and not commercial!


Argh, no, another project I have to try! One day I will learn self control, but probably not anytime soon.

That's very pretty though and a brilliant idea for using up children's rejected scribblings though!


I love it! I need a new list pad for work and this is just the ticket!


how'd you bind it?

(very cool.)


Yes...a marvellous idea! I love it. Must try it. After 101 other things. (Like eating and sleeping...not much going on apart form stressing over back to school swap! You got all yours sorted?)

Love the idea of using the backs of the kids drawings...that will be fab.


Unfortunately Miss L is not happy about me cutting up her old drawings - so only a4 size pads for us! great idea.

Junie Moon

What a great project--not expensive, recycles materials, and is clever, too. Thank you so much for the idea and the links.


thanks for the link to the brilliant project - sounds like fun. Love your finished notebook.


love, love, love, love, love, love that idea, ali!
that turned out so cute!
and thanks for the tutorial link - i will definitely be making some of these!


Now that is exellent!! Must get G to bring some glue home from school!

Ragged Roses

Thanks for this, a great idea. If I ever emerge from the mountain of washing that has piled up over the holidays I will give it a go.
Kim x


I'm impressed, and slightly envious of your paper cutter. Although... what's a positions swish remover thingy?


what a nice idea, i have seen similar pads before, but i love how you used a postcard as a cover, nice and small, i might have to try making one too

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