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20 September 2007


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Oh bless you,you cooked that fabulous apple tart and then it all goes pear shaped !!!!
Grocery shopping is a necessary evil isn't it,I only tried it online once and ended up with bruised fruit and very 'near date' perishable items.
I say have a rant it did me the world of good.
Just shout if you need a chat,
Kat xxx


I love online grocery shopping (they've improved their service in the last few years) as getting all the shopping home is a nightmare when you don't have a car.

Rant if you want to, it helps! Or go and bake a chocolate cake - that works too I promise


and with you.


Ooohh, Ethan loved looking at the picture...very cool costume. Hope things settle down a little for you.

Junie Moon

Ordering groceries online is a brilliant way to handle your "end of the rope" feelings. Good for you!


Oooh I know that feeling! Hopefully your parcel will arrive soon and make you feel much better!!


Ugg- I think there is something in the stars right now- everyone I know is running hard and seeming frazzled. I hope there is a moment of calm and a cup of tea in your future. Loving your blog!


hope things settle down a bit and that doing the groceries on line helps.


Ahh...retail therapy there's nothing quite like it.At least you did grocery shopping I would opt for thrifting.I am always telling hubby that I save him a fortune on counselling fees!
I hate it when you can feel the tension rising and knotting as it goes.Sometimes I feel like if it gets past my shoulders I might actually drown.How does those days happen?It always baffles me there is no rhyme or reason.


Oh blimey, rant away - I seem to be doing a lot of that recently. My poor family.

I shall remedy it at my end by making fairy cakes covered in edible pink glitter. And I may do some online shopping too for good measure.


People say that January is the toughest time of the year to get through but I think September can be pretty heavy going for mums. The contrast of those lazy summer days with the manic rushing around that school mornings bring is bad enough but stir in the extra stresses that you're having to deal with and anyone would be reaching for the pepto-bismol. Having your shopping delivered is definitely a good way to go - frees up a little time for some peace and quiet. I hope there's a big chunk of calm coming your way and that things become more manageable.


rant away, that's what we're here for! chances are, I'm feeling the same way too.


I love that photo- I love the way you can see his little hands clasped behind his back and then from the front it looks so intimidating. You definitely captured something there.

Joanna Butchart

have a damn good rant


At least you did something productive, I out of food, overwhelmed and overtired - hiding in the bedroom and avoiding the teatime issue altogether.

I'm sure we'll feel better in the morning.


feel better soon!
I agree with others... chocolate cake helps :) Enjoy the weekend :)


you are a winner!
no really, let me have your address and I'll post you a little leaf brooch. x

Gill at Lucy Locket

I started to do a once a month online shop earlier this year, it's brilliant! I buy enough basics for the month then just pop out each week for fruit, veg, milk etc. It's made my life so much easier and is £4.99 well spent.(delivery charge)
Onwards and upwards GF

Gill x


How weird - I've just done my shopping online (Its gone midnight) and I'm nursing a bad back from overdoing it - I'm feeling it for you!


Excellent remedy. Do hope there was some dark chocolate and red wine in that order.

Ragged Roses

Hope the force is with you too - sounds like you need it! I hate grocery shopping and can only relax when the week's shopping has been done - it must be one of the most boring things to do! Hope you're having a good weekend
Kim x


that is one thing that this very slow state of Aus is lacking...decent online grocery shopping!!! oh how I miss it.

hope you are feeling better by the end of your weekend.

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