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26 September 2007


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I fully agree with you on this one! We had the chimney sweep here yesterday a good £30 well spent! This means one thing....the Aga will be lit soon but hopefully we will peg it out till October! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Bev and Ollie O

yep, we've had the heating on for a few days now! brrrrr
Also it is destinctly blustery here!

French Knots

I agree, my feet were freezing in the playground this morning!


my boys' crocs had to be thrown away a couple of weeks ago... there was nothing left!

And yes, I've just put away all my t-shirts and got the woolly jumpers out. I like it though.

Miss Dot

is it just me or do those crocs now look like they have teeth?


Fall came last week and today... it's going to be 90 degrees here on the east coast! Yikes! So no socks for us – yet.


ha! we gave in and had to start with the socks on monday. i'm bummed about that, as i haven't folded any all summer - they got thrown in a basket in the laundry because no one was wearing them anyway.

Marmite Breath

I'm off to the charity shop this morning to look for a new cardie. It's going to be winter before I know it, and I'm just not ready for these winters! I must have a loved-up woolie item to wear!


I thought my Crocs were well worn! Have got my winter boots back on too...but straight back into Crocs after work now they're relegated to just slippers!
ps. thanks for the gentle nudge!


It's bloody freezing today! All my winter clothes are in the loft, we need to get the central heating sorted out and.... the chimney swept and floorboard and sash windows are BAD news on chilly windy days. I think my toes are going blue brrrrr!.


I'm so jealous! It's still 90 degrees here and no amount of willing on my part can seem to bring that temperature down. Wanna trade?


yep, we've got our winter woolies out here too. Bye bye crocs - looks like you had a good summer!

Suzie Sews

You sure wore out them crocs!!!
I too let go of summer today, it really was in the air, now I have done it, its funny I am kind of excited about the Autumn...
SUzie Sews

janet clare

I gave in today - tights, skirt and knee high boots!


You killed the crocs!!

I was amused and irritated to see that the local shoe shops finally have crocs in tiny girl sizes - great timing.

The heating kicked in today - so why am I still trailing down to the school swimming pool doing water tests 3 times a day? We close on Friday, not a minute too soon.




I realised when I sent my 3 year old out this morning in Doodles and bare legs that I could probably be arrested for child cruelty! Problem is I've spent the shoe money on car boot goodies so she'll have to make do with last years (too small) wellies for now!

Julia x

Junie Moon

Hmmm...those shoes look like they've certainly enjoyed summer.

I wish, truly wish, for cooler weather but we're still wearing shorts and sandals here--and probably will be for awhile more. Ah well, I'll pretend I live where you do.


Well today we are going to the beach for the first swim of the year, complete with spades and ice-cream. Enjoy the journey into your half of the seasons - we'll certainly be enjoying ours.


yep the hot water bottles will be making an appearance tonight!


I'm FREEZING but I can't turn the heat on before October- it just seems wrong. So I shiver and wrap up warm and gaze at the calender waiting for October!

Ragged Roses

Well it's definitely time if your crocs have given up! We've lit two fires this week and I've got boots on today, but I am a wimp!
Kim x
I just saw your swap bag from Louise on her site, it really is beautiful, you're very lucky I love that owl!


And here I am thinking about taking my socks off!!


It definately is Autumn - we spent the last 3 days clearing the garden and it's starting to look quite bare, but I am looking forward to lighting the fire again, it's just sooo cosy!


Crikey! And I thought I was hard on my crocs!

Summer is totally over. I had my first conker on head incident today which is when I always count from!


I held off for a while, but we've got heating on and fire lit! Slippers are out in force now in this house - you can't beat being cosy!!
Cath X


so funny! love the photo.


socks?! I've got my vests out and I'm off to find the big curtain that hangs at our front door during the winter.


The broken crocs made me laugh. They're SO expensive (and I'm such a tightwad!)that when my daughter managed to rip straight through hers after 2 months I sent them back to the manufacturer....apparently they have a 3 month warranty. Still haven't heard back from them yet...


What happened to your crocs ! I thought mine looked wrecked but yours are actually broken !

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