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14 September 2007


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Oh man, I laughed at your husband 'outing ' you and your blog! My husband does exactly the same thing. We bought a new car recently and when I went to the dealer to get it - you guessed it - the staff had read my blog! He TOLD THE CAR DEALERS about it.

Junie Moon

This was very interesting and I learned a lot from it--about you but also about blogging. Thank you for sharing this information.


My husband barely notices I have a blog. And where's my tag? Now I know you don't really love me after all.

We are a bit of a navel gazing breed, aren't we? For we, read me.


Geeze - I am such a beginner at this!!! I have only just begun to blog, and hardly know how to start! The only ones that read mine are my two grown kids! How do you get more people to read your blog? And I only have a million questions, and need to find a book somewhere about "Blogging for Dummies", but haven't found one so far!

But, I do do A LOT of lurking, and spend many hours each day looking at them all too! Maybe I don't do enough crafts (how about any?) So how do you learn how to blog? Do you just start each one with what you did that day? ..... Anyway, I do enjoy your blog very much - and hope you have a great day!


Gill at Lucy Locket

Hi Ali,
Yep, I could just copy and paste your answers to my blog...I do it for all the same reasons. I'm very reluctant to tell anyone in the real world about my blog, because it's the real me writing and that's different to the Gill they know(either as a boss or friend or neighbour or family member). I'm not sure I want them to know so much about me!
Great post, isn't it good being part of the enlightened bloggers society?!


I loved reading this post, really fascinating stuff. I have no idea what a feed is though, and now I'm worried that I'm annoying people by not having set up my feed properly!


I get really unnerved when I know that someone has read my blog because I know they know me better than I know them.I also worry I'll be outed as a fraud!My sister is the worst for outing me.I remember going to a birthday party and someone getting very excited to meet 'Vintage Pleasure' she'd read every single post and kept saying 'I loved it when you said ..' or' That was so nice' etc.It was a little unnerving! My hubby however has zero interest in my blog apart from how much the swaps cost him!
I think I'm matching you one the bloglines subscriptions and have the same peeve about the first line only ones!
I really want to start selling my wares again so will need to promote my blog and etsy but somehow it feels cheeky.


great meme! my husband outs me, too, and i hate it!


what is it about husbands?
My husband tells people about my blog all the time :) I agree,it's hard to explain blogging to non-blogging people.

Thanks for sharing :) it was fun to read.

French Knots

I think it's great that so many of us feel the same. I thought I had a lot on bloglines with 144 but feel positively modest now! I like the dots, they give an interesting background without overpowering your pictures.


wow, so sorry that i'm annoying you with my bloglines habits! i like people to come to my actual blog, though, as many times bloglines makes photos completely wonky (or HUGE) and screws with your post. Also, i'm sure more people comment if they come to your actual site - so come on, right click! open in a new tab - don't you have 17 tabs open at a time like me? Totally efficient.

Angel Jem

Just cut and paste, basically. except I have told my sister in law that I blog and now she looks at me weird (Her daughter thinks it's cool, though. I am on the same wavelength as an 11 year old girl. Actually, I think she's older than me.)


cut and paste for me too.
I'm outed all the time by my partner, yet he's very offhand about it to me.
I have told a few people about my blog, but it can get a bit odd when you realise that some one has read it all and makes a reference to something that you know that you have only referred to in your blog.
Might have to tag myself! how sad and bloggy!!


Oh the bloglines thing. I had to cut down. I just had to. It was to the point where blogging was losing it's fun. My bloglines subscription is much lower now and I feel more free because of it. :o)

Victoria May Plum

Ha ha, so funny, great post.
I haven't told anyone that I blog - too weird!
I still can't believe that anyone would want to read my blog!

Oh well,
I love to hear more about the bloggers behind the blogs, so it was so good to read this post.

Victoria x


I'm so with you on the honesty thing,what if someone you knew read it ?????
Thanks for visiting me,
Kat xxx


I feel a bit more normal after reading your answers - I think I'd answer most questions like you did. I have another of those husbands that even tells people he's just met about my blog.


interesting topic for a meme! I'm not taking it on though LOL!

Alicia A.

fascinating... I'm on it. ;)


I too felt I would just be able to use some of your answers - and I censor myself because Mum reads it, and even at 37 I'm still afraid I might upset her! My husband does out me, but most of my own inner circle of friends now blog that it doesn't feel so bad. When I worked at the market with Aunty Cookie recently, it was really weird when people knew who I was from my picture on my blog (I have since removed it, because one lady told me I look nothing like my photo and I got all paranoid). I recently culled my bloglines down to 120 which I am kind of keeping managed, but I felt guilty about every unsubscription, and tried to reason that they weren't reading my blog anyway, so they wouldn't really know that I'd gone, but well really I'm still feeling guilty! you are right though, it does help for less time in front of the tv, however, I've had to start doing most of blog reading during the day so Mr Whizzme doesn't really know just how much time I spend at the computer!!


You always crack me up. There are too many "me toos" to even comment on them here. Does my blogs feed only give a few lines? If so, I'm sorry. I don't do bloglines so I have no idea how that all works. If it is bad I can try to learn to fix it.


i'm so all over this!

and i heart your answers!


What an interesting meme! Thanks for the comment about the bloglines feed -- I'd been thinking about changing mine to that format, cause like Kirsten said, I hate the way bloglines makes the pictures huge. Oh well...I guess I'll live with it. And if you figure out how to easily pare down your subscriptions -- do tell. I could put them in different folders like you do, but I'm too afraid I'll miss something fantastic from someone. I'm currently at 269 and it's really more than I can manage....


my husband outs me and my blog, too. at first I was pretty embarassed about it, but I finally got used to it. This is a fun meme...i liked reading your answers.

Kloth  Bolt

wow, amazing i think you've captured so well how so many blogger feel. you've articluated so well exactly how i feel! -kb


I like this one, I've been thinking about all weekend. I plan to participate sometime this week (after I catch up on my huge backlog of unread blogs and unanswered emails!) Thanks for the tag ;-)


ditto, ditto and ditto to everything you said. I also censor myself. I've had to squelch the urge to write snide things to one person in real life who reads my blog and uses it to talk about me behind my back. RUDE!


that was fun to read. but what about the question..how long will you think you will continue to blog? I mean will you be a blogging granny one day? I often think about this. Not you, I mean me.


I like the dots and I really don't like it when I find another blogger using them - I consider this template to be yours! I think I must be a bit odd.

Ragged Roses

Thanks Ali for such an interesting blog. It's fascinating finding out the thought processes that lie behind our blogs. I haven't told anyone about my blog (apart from husband and kids and a best friend), it makes me feel freer and less self-conscious, however I am still trying to work on that self-conscious bit! I also didn't realise that there was so much technical stuff you can do with a blog - (eg what is a blog feed? does it tell you who visits etc?).
Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes and lovely comments
Kim x


This was really interesting! (Er, I'm still waiting for no. 4 myself.) I read a lot of blogs, too, but I do it the old fashioned click-the-links way and have no idea if my feed looks annoying. I should start bloglines...I have a bad memory and can neglect some blogs I like for a couple of weeks before I remember to read them.

Censorship does seem to be where it's at. I get kinda depressed by other bloggers' perfect lives sometimes and have to remind myself that they censored out all the spills and dog hair and clutter on the kitchen table. And that, while I don't want to spill everything on the internet, neither do I want everybody to think that I have this amazingly perfect life.


great post, ali! i must say, you've inspired me to change my feeds to show the entire post!


My husband is just like yours!! I am shy about telling people around me, (after all, I might want to write about them one day...)but my husband cannot stop telling people! I loved reading your answers to this, very interesting and so pleased to hear that someone else confesses to reading to many blogs, of course I haven't even managed to work out how to use bloglines so mine are all in a rather large bookmark folder!


Great post!

I am so relieved to hear you have 283 feeds...I have always wondered how many people have and do I have too many. I have a similiar number to you so I can relax now -lol

Joanna Butchart

fantastic post


Would love to know how to organise the "feeds" thingy! I am not technical at all!

alice c

Thank you for writing this - it is a very interesting perspective on blogging for me because I am still quite newish.

I was particularly interested in the fact that you do not visit blogs but only read bloglines - my own blog is completely photo orientated and so I have not linked to bloglines. I suspect that this may be a limiting factor!


Wow, now I don't feel so bad about my 153 feeds...

Every time I find a new blog, I end up adding at least 10 feeds, because they always link to different blogs.

Last week, I was reading a blog I hadn't been to for a while and I was like 'wait, when did she get a six month old baby? Wasn't she pregnant last time I...' I hadn't read her blog for SIX MONTHS, even though she was one of my favourites. Seriously, if your blog wasn't high in the alphabet, I wouldn't get here as often!

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