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18 September 2007


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That looks so good. Better than the store bought cookie I'm currently eating with my cup of tea.

Junie Moon

How delicious this looks--I look forward to trying the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing this.

I've not joined the meme thing because I am too new at blogging and don't have enough experience to contribute anything worthwhile. I am learning quite a lot reading everyone's posts about it.

Crabby Amy

oh that looks wonderfull!!! love, love, love Nigella!!! suddenly feeling the urge to bake....must be the cooler weather we have been having too!


mmmm yummy!

Ragged Roses

That's pudding sorted! Thanks!
Kim x


mmm, your making my mouth water.
Saarh x


Oooh yes, that is a good one isn't it? It's been a while since I made it. I have one of her madeira cakes in the oven to which I added some cooked spiced pureed apricots - I'll let you know if it works ...

Linny T

Oh that tart looks delightful. Anything with butterscotch is good in my book.

Bev and Ollie O

I adore Nigella.
And that tart looks fabulous!!!
I do love cooking, and baking more than anything else, my hubbie often laughs when he comes hom to find homemade jam tarts. (I am awaiting my dad's yearly homade plum and blackberry jams).
Sometimes to save myself I give Carl things to take to work which has made me very popular with the guys he works with.
They are facsinated by the baking English lady!haha (We live in Belgium)

I love your blog, I may contact you for tips and advice ;o)
Bev x


Oh Ali gypsy tart, I used to so love that at school and do you remember dutch apple pie too?

Joanna Butchart

we used to make jam roly poly out of the trimmings when i wa slittle


I love Nigella's cookbooks (have never watched any of the tv shows) especially How to Eat. And that tart looks so yummy my stomach is rumbling!

Commonplace iris

mmm, I definitely want to give this recipe a try. Our local co-op apple selection is starting it's autumn expansion at the moment adding lots of heirloom varieties from a local farm. I'm eagerly awaiting my chance to savour some cox's orange pippins and make crumble with some Bramleys both of which are otherwise not seen around these parts - I'm in New England. There are already some yummy varieties on offer, including some that claim to be good for cooking...

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