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12 September 2007


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It looks like a mini roast chicken!! Cool!


You crack me up. Boys love mutant stuff like that don't they? I'm sure they thought it was a riot.

Oh, that fabric and that stitching on the apron -- so lovely!


ha ha ha ha! that is seriously hilarious.


oh my god, what have i started? lol! cracked up at your post, that's so funny. mine were very heavy and leaden, maybe that's why they kept their shape a little better (but certainly not much ;)


Darling I love them.....It's Badly Baked Boy !!!!!!!LOL
Seriously they look lovely and golden and hey....practice makes perfect....
Bet the kids loved them.
Best wishes to Mark for his new term.
Kat xxx


I'm thinking frog! How fun (and boyishly gross) it would be to stuff them with cheese or something!


Oh, they're great! Just like my mutant Christmas cookies last year, lol! The boys will love them.


Oh, Ali, I can't stop smiling. You are too too funny, and I think they (the mutants) are quite charming. Chubby, but charming!


Hee! Those are fun. I have some frozen bread dough in the freezer. May have to let it thaw and give this a try.

Junie Moon

This is probably terrible of me, but your whole mutant men thing has tickled me so much! I'm still smiling as I write this. I applaud your efforts wholeheartedly.

syko kajsa

Sorry but you made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing!


Well, I think they're great! In fact, I am making bread for lunches as we speak - perhaps this will be a way to get it eaten? I'm getting a bit tired of being told that Hovis ready sliced is more desirable than my home baked loaves ...


Too funny! Buns Behaving Badly.
On the serios side:
If you want them to keep their shape better you could try bisquit mix instead of yeast bread.
Or bake the dough in a shaped pan - I have heart, flower and star(?) shaped tube pans. The magic happens when you slice the bread.
Or, use the cutter on the slices after you bake the bread.
Or shape the men out of balls of dough, not using a cookie cutter.
But the mutants are cute! Embrace the weirdness! And then eat it! haha!


Um. Are you quite sure they're not frogs?

Eating mutant men is way cool, anyway.


Too funny! I bet the kids loved them and had fun with them :)

You'll be known as the fun mum!

Alicia A.

That is so great. I bet they got the biggest kick out of mutant men in their lunches!


too funny- poor men only have stumps for arms.


Haha, cute. He reminds me of a pig on a spit.


so cute! i love your blog, how have i not been here before??? have i been here before? surely not. into my bloglines you go!


Oh dear, I am wiping tears of laughter from my eyes, the thing is the boys will probably love that they are mutant.


I love them and want our own. I'll name him Blub and take him everywhere. :-)


The more mutant the better I would have thought. I garden with the children at the local school and it is one long bug fest,


Hehehe! they look like how I feel at the mo, well boated anyway. Maybe I'll go for the legless bit later?

Thanks for sharing


oooh you should definitely make more with halloween coming up they are serious scary! Your boys are lucky to get such exciting lunches.



My first thought was: -what kind of fowl might that be?
And my second: what kind of dough does one use to deep fry whole birds?


seriously laughing so hard right now. I'm sure they were tasty though!

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