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11 September 2007


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oh! it's so cute!

and the model is particularly fetching.

Junie Moon

Wow--the apron is awesome. The embroidery is a fantastic echo of the print on the other side. I love the fabrics you chose.


What a lovely gift!




oh i love that embroidered flower, it is really a lovely apron.


Couldn't love it more if you'd dipped it in chocolate and served it with ice-cream.

Clever Ali.

And I hope you're not going to bring this shot up at Mark's 21st. (As gorgeous as the tired wee fella looks!)

Marmite Breath

Gorgeous apron, and cutie boy.

He looks as wiped out as I feel.


it's gorgeous! I'm sure it will be loved!


great apron! i really like the embroidery detail - it's perfect.


I love the fabric you chose and the embroidery is pure genius!


Man in apron is the modern day equivalent to slavery!

Suzie Sews

Suzie Sews
PS So many tired little people at the momet, this is a hard time for them all.


i love this apron, and the hand stitching is so yummy. The look on his face is either:

'mum, please not again. I'm so embarrassed'

or a more serious

'one day I'll make money doing this'..in a kind of Orlando Bloom fashion

please more stitching Ali, I love it. Just started hand quilting so this is a great bit of inspiration.


Oh I love it!


That is a fantastic apron, and the model is even better.


I like that very much. I need a new apron too - yay! I just extended my to do list!

Poor Mark - I have a very tired one here today too.


Love the flowery fabric. Notice your cute model was wearing it plain side out!


I love the plain side with the embroidery - yet another pattern to add to the list!


Oh Ali, that's lovely. I like the fabric - what is it? Your embroidery is gorgeous and I like the simplicity of that side of the apron. Poor Mark, Lucinda gets that look after kinder - sort of spacey and not quite with us. Bless him for helping out Mummy!


Oh it is beautiful, your friend will be delighted. The fabrics are very pretty and the embroidery is lovely.

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