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09 September 2007


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Marmite Breath

As you may be able to tell from my nickname, this recipe is going to be a huge hit with me. I'll try it this week, since autumn seems to be on its way here, regardless of the fact that I am not quite ready for it!


I get so cross with everyone blaming JO for kids not eating school dinners - when did healthy, locally produced food became such a taboo?! Soup looks great and I'm loving the new JO programme - lets hope its more authentic than others that shan't be mentioned!!


Will have to try this, both MrV and the FB are great fans of marmite.
Why are kids eating less healthy school meals because of JO? Has he driven them to chips?


Yum, thanks for the recipe. I live in the states but have had marmite thanks to my son who was in NZ. I,m going to have to try this!


Yummo. NZ/Aussie Marmite is light years different to British Marmite (still love it/hate it) and I'm a vegemite fan anyway, but still. Yummo.

I like J.O. At least the wee chappie gives it a go.


I've never had marmite, believe it or not. That soup looks perfect for fall and yummy.

Commonplace iris

My husband thinks marmite on toast is revolting, but is usually not at all put off by me using it for stock in soup/stews. (Yeast extract seems to be an ingredient in a lot of stock cubes anyway I've noticed.)
That soup sounds good, perfect for when the autumn decides to arrive for real. My almost 14 month old daughter is a big fan of barley at the moment (and bites of my toast and marmite) so I think this might be popular in our house.

Victoria May Plum

Sounds absolutely yummy.
I agree, it sounds perfect for bonfire night.
I'd better test it out before then - I don't want to poison anyone on the night!

Victoria x


Oh my husband LOVES marmite. I might have to make this for him. Thanks for the recipe!


In my experience, more people have been put off "real food" by adding pearl barley than I could possibly count.

If the school authorities introduced this recipe to 2007 children, they could close their canteens immediately.

Can't stand JO. I prefer foreigners who at least try to speak the English language!


It does look ever so yummy! The name is not all that enticing but I agree that it would make for a perfect Halloween night soup.


That soup looks perfectly delish so I'll be trying some, but being an aussie girl it will be vegemite in mine. (I actually prefer promite but am out voted by the rest of the family)

I can't watch JO but really only because he is just like (and I mean JUST like!) an ex boyfriend I would much rather forget!!!


brown soup... sounds like the sort of things we usesd to make as children with mud, and leaves, and sticks.... and then pretend to feed to our dolls!!

I'm sure that your ones tastes much better :)

French Knots

It looks great, really hearty and warming. We are all Marmite lovers so it'll be going in the recipe book!


Looks yummy,I got to give this one a try....
Hope all is going well with your son,pop over to my blog to pick up an award for making me smile,
Kat x


Sounds scrumptious. I think Jamie's a complete star - one of the few celebrity chefs who seems like a genuinely caring person. His parents' pub is just a few villages over from us; I've not been in a couple of years but the food used to be fab - once you got past the huge cardboard effigy of Jamie that stood in the doorway!


Oh lovely, I am just get ready for some homemade winter soups - I will give it a try. We all love taking soups for our packed lunches in the winter.
Poor Jamie - if only parents would stop pampering their kids and make them all stay for school dinners. If they are hungry they will eat.

Ragged Roses

I love marmite, but, unfortunately don't eat meat so `I'll have to give the soup a miss, Pity cos it looks delicious
Kim x
Windsor soup always reminds me of that Fawlty Towers episode - Basil the RAt

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