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06 September 2007


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Marmite Breath

Poor gas man. :)


At least she had the good sense to coordinate her Wellies with her apron!


That made me chuckle. Thank you!


i too am smitten by that apron! so so sweet.

French Knots

I have a basket by the door to try and encourage the children to take their shoes off. Yeah..right!


Ha, you almost had me spit Diet Coke at my computer screen. Funny, funny image of huge serviceman pulling off his sneakers sheepishly like a schoolboy.

Junie Moon

Oh, I'm laughing about the gas man thing--so funny!

My Marie Claire Idees arrived yesterday and I drooled for a long time last night over everything. I broke down some months ago and ordered a subscription from Amazon.com. Even though it's expensive, I couldn't figure out the instructions on the French site to order it from them.


you made me laugh about the gas man!

I have been trying to get the kids to take off their shoes before entering the rest of the house... but i'm almost there. They take them off, but they don't put them under the bench – they kickoff their shoes and leave them wherever they fall!


So funny about the gas man! I think I'd have to tell him to wipe his shoes on the way out with the state of my kitchen floor.


how funny! that has happened to me too... maybe we should check who's at the door eh?

Rose Vintage

Just been catching up with your summer posts - love the owl and of course the Gas Man! There is no nice way to do it is there? You probably would have ended up with muddy footprints all over your floor if you had not thought him to be one of the children. Probably frightened the poor man witless! yey!


Sometimes those stylist take their editorial-must-have-design-edge too far. They should know that us crafters have a very practical side too. And wellies in the kitchen...ain't practical. just as weel that apron is so gorgeous.


maybe if my wellies looked that good I'd wear them inside too - the gas man story really made me laugh. love marie claire.


How funny! Love the apron and adore the mag although I only just got the last one this week! It's sooo worth the wait.


gorgeous apron. I love seeing the next issue. I just got the summer one. But it works being opposite seasons.


I live in my wellies unfortunately but then we still have painted chipboard floors - perhaps when we get proper floors I'll change . . .


Oh you crack me up. So good. It is always best not to look into the details of magazine pictures too closely. Reality slides away very quickly. Very very quickly when you consider me embroidering dahlias.

Ragged Roses

I guess if I had such beautifully co-ordinating wellies and the man from Marie Claire was coming to take my photos i might wear them to - but I'd insist he took his shoes off first!
Ki mx


I'm headed to Amsterdam in a few weeks and can't wait to pick craft mags from other countries! Laughing about gas man!

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