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31 August 2007


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janet clare

I've enjoyed your alphabet - I know I wouldn't have been able to post everyday.

Hope all Marks' assessments go smoothly. Don't they say that information is power?

Angel Jem

Done it, eh? Well done for the alphabet.... and hope all goes well next week! (I presume you'll have at least 24 hours off before you post again!)


Yay, you got there!

Hope your weekend was truly enjoyable.


Well done, you made it! I'm still way back at O, but now knowing that story about you and your Japanese commute, there is no surprise that you finished within the month.
Good luck with the assessment next week, it will be good to have some answers


Oh, bravo, Ali, you did it, and very well, I might add. I'm only on G! Have a good next week, and take care!


Thanks for a wonderful month, I enjoyed checking in daily. I thought about joining in for about a nano second sound like I made the right decision.


I enjoyed reading about you and am so impressed with your diligence. There's no way I could have done it.

Keeping you all in my thoughts re. Mark's assessments.

French Knots

Well done, it has been really intersting to read. I know I couldn't have posted everyday, in fact it has been really sporadic over the summer.
Will be think of you for the assessment next week, will you be taking the water this time?!


OK SuperBlogWoman. You've now completed A-Z and don't even think about Numbers 1-1000 until the housework is attacked!


I hope everything goes well for you and your family next week.

The alphabet game was interesting to read from a non-blogger point of view and there were certainly creative ideas to illustrate a lot of the letters.

Next week should, if everything goes okay, be my first week of blogging so I appreciate your reminder about writing "from the heart."


Congratulations Ali - I'm amazed you came up with so many brilliant entries!

Good luck for Mark's assessment, and I hope you all have a great weekend.


i'm exhausted reading it all, but you did it! Looking forward to seeing some crafty goodness come out here soon.


I loved reading all your abc entries :) But I totally know how you feel because I felt the same way.

Good luck with the assessment for your cute little mark.

Have a terrific weekend.


We're scheduled for speech and language assessment on Wed for Z. Thinking of you and Mark.


Well done! And yes this should be fun not a chore! Good luck with the boys.


well done for sticking with your alphabet and seeing the job through - it proves you're tenacious and determind as well as creative - all the best kind of qualities for getting you through challenging times. Hope everything goes well for you next week xxx


My eldest has Aspergers and was statemented at age 4.He is high functioning but going through main stream school.He starts at Grammer school in September.
It felt like the end of the world to me while we were trying to get him diagnosed but we came through it and to me he's just being Johnathan.....a bit eccentric and unemotional....but a darling just the same....I wish you all the best....if I can help just shout.....Kat xx

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