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23 August 2007


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This is definitely on my wishlist.I loved Pippi as a child.


so cool, ali! i haven't seen that copy yet. we love pippi, i think someone will be getting the old swedish movies for Christmas.


Must. Buy. This. Book. NOW.

As I think you know, we're huge Lauren Child fans. We're also huge Pippi fans (I may have to post a picture of Lola from two Halloweens ago as evidence). Lola is already getting the second Clarice Bean book for her birthday. She might have to get this one too.


LOVE Pippi...brings back tons of happy chilhood memories for me! Thanks for sharing this...


Do you know if that book is available in the states? Is it the full length version? I love Pippi and I love Charlie and Lola and I need that book! So cute!


illustrated by Lauren Child?! That's fabulous! I'll be looking for it!


Pippi Longstocking was one of my favorites as a child--she had the very best adventures.


I need to get my hands on that book! I love Pippi and to being illustrated by Lauren Child - I love her graphics! Glad it helped in a jam!!


i SHOULD be really happy for you that you get all the cool lauren childs stuff but instead, i'm just seething with jealousy.


I just checked and the book is available for pre-order in the States. I looked at books-a-million.com (my favorite) and they have it listed. Completely different cover art, though. I need to place my order soon!


I love, love, love Pippi - I must find this new edition - those are the greatest illustrations! Do you and the kids know Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle?


I feel an Amazon order coming on ... we loved the Lauren Child Princess and the Pea as well.


Oh I loved Pippi Longstocking, I had no idea this had been published, thanks for the tip off, off to Amazon.....


What a cute cover. Pippi was one of my favorite stories.

Angel Jem

Saw this but haven't given in (yet.... but Father Christmas is doing his annual think so I know who I would give it to....)

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