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22 August 2007


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i love old photos, too - you've traveled a lot!


I can really see the face of your boys in you and your Mum! I love looking at old photos too - I always had a cheeky grin on my face. It would be so cool to visit myself back then.


Thanks for sharing the photos. What lovely people you and yours are.
I also know the words to South Pacific. "There is nothin' like a dame..."
As a matter of fact, you could try me on most of those 60's musicals and get a few lines of song out of me ;)

Crabby Amy

OK...honestly the first thing I thought of when I saw the old pics of you is that Mark (actually both of your boys!) looks like you! I don't know (can't remember right now) if I have seen "grown up" pics of you but the little girl pics show the resemblance. love, love, love looking at old photos! :)


How exciting to have lived all over as a child. Somehow Croydon doesn't sound nearly as enticing as Fiji!


that sounds like a good book, i must add it to my list...


It is so fun seeing other people's family photos--y'all look so happy and having fun.

Your book sounds interesting. Wouldn't it be great if all of us could have our memories "adjusted" so we only remember the good things in life--ah well.


those photos are priceless!


I never get tired of looking at old photos - what were the people thinking or feeling? How was their world different from mine? Even if the people in the photo are me!

Your brother really does look incredibly like your kids! My whole family actually looks quite dissimilar in photos, etc. but if you get all us cousins in one room, there's not doubt that we're family - it's in the way we use our faces, where we place our hands, how we hold our coffee cups. I love it.

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