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20 August 2007


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It sounds wonderful. I succumbed and sent for their brochure which came today. I was sold before you even went but now seeing your pics and reading about your visit I'm hankering after a spot of glamping of my own! I'm so glad you had a great time - the boys (both young and old) look in their element!

Gill at Lucy Locket

Oh this looks fabulous, what a lovely holiday. Seems you stayed long enough to enjoy it but not so long that you couldn't stand the lack of modern conveniences any more! Nice pictures.


What a wonderful family holiday. It seems everyone enjoyed themselves, and that makes for a great time.

I have a photo on my blog too of my girls in their pjs, with the gumboots, going to fetch the eggs.

Cute look!


oh, that looks lovely. more comfortable than our tent!

i know what you mean about 'stuff'. everytime we go camping i have the urge to start over.


sounds like a wonderful time! Glad you had fun. I think camping of any sort always makes you realize how you really don't need a lot to make you happy and to survive :)


Now that's my kind of camping. I love the pictures! I assume jim-jams are pajamas?


Oh! How jealous I am! I love cabin camping but I never stopped to think just why. You put it beautifully.

Lovely photos, and the boys are so sweet!
I hope you show pics of your project.


It looks like you had a great time! I love the glamping idea!!


I expect to see your "For Sale" board going up at your house any day now and that you'll be going back to basics (I think not!). We are all a bunch of softies when push comes to shove.


I just ordered a brochure! Can't wait to show my hubby!
Looks like you had a great time.


sounds like a wonderful trip, your pictures are beautiful!!!


hi ali, just stummbled across your plug via one in new zealand!! anyway, glamping looks fun, wow that wood burning stove is cool.
I have added you to my blogroll, which I have just started,pop in see what you think!
linda x


Ahhhh! I too have sent for the brochure that glamping milarky looks great! We already camp but just sometimes I would like to go on hols and not have to tow everything with us.


That looks fantastic. I love the idea of going out in pjs to collect eggs


Hi Ali, that holiday looks fantastic - sounds like you really got to relax and get away from it all. And guess who I got in the tote bag swap - YOU!!


How restorative! I hope the feelings stay with you for a long time.

Joanna Butchart

I am still waitin gfor my brochure to turn up boo hoo may well have to order another one. it just looks so fantastic i am really pleased you enjoyed it. WEll done for N for Nostalgia by the way stroke of genius


The boys look happy in their little camping adventure. Camping or staying in a hotel or at someone else's house is great for a bit of time but there is nothing like coming home to your very own bed and pillow.

Angel Jem

Very nice... it almost looks bearable.
I love the egg collecting. And I do so know what you mean about wanting to strip some stuff away. I always get that feeling after a holiday cottage where there is very little apart from the necessities (corkscrew, toilet paper, decent veg peeler)


It looks like you had a fab time and the boys look very happy too - cute photos.


yeah. when my husband complains about our lack of space i keep saying HEY MISTER, JUST THROW YOUR CRAP OUT.

unfortunately, he love his crap.

ah, to escape without the crap.


Wow what a brilliant time you all had - maybe just maybe this could persuade me to try glamping because camping is a most definite no-no.

And I want to sleep in a cupboard bed now - it looks so snug and cosy.



those are some seriously happy looking boys.

and the look on hubby's face as he ponders the intricacies of the stove is delightful.


this looks like a magic weekend. I'm so envious!

and the word verification has my initials tsk in it!


Glamping is for me! It looks wonderful. We had a night in a real tent in Italy and I wasn't too sure, but this I could manage.

PS Was the sky that grey the whole time?


I love reading your blog !
When I saw the pictures I thought you had been to a "beter boeren bed"in Holland, where the project started.
We went with our children , 19, 17 and 13 years old. They loved it all.
Ok there was one who didn't like the pitchdark nights ( we went in autumn
last year) But now knowing through your blog they also exist in England I hope to go to a Feathers down farm in England this autumn!

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