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12 August 2007


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Just to put a spanner in your theory, I'm a younger sibling but tend to hang back and see what's involved before I jump in. But the swap is a great idea and I'm going against type and joining in! Thanks for the link x.


your boys are so cute!

I'm the eldest sibling so for me it's all about being responsible and setting a good example...yeah right! ;)


great photo - I have always thought that my sister and I were born in the wrong order - I'm all for joining in and I'm the eldest, whereas she is all about responsibility and sensible choices, meant she learnt alot from her older sister's mistakes :)

going over to join the swap - thanks for the tip.


ooooo... sounds like fun.

and your boys are so cute! eeek!


Yippee! love to have a full play ground!

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