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09 July 2007


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Oh, I love the bag! The fabric print is perfect for a child's travel and book (and other treasures) collection. Great job!


no! no english for you!

oooooo... pretty bag. pretty, pretty.

is it bad to call a boy's bag "pretty"?


Now I know which pattern to do next from Lotta's book! Love your bag!


I love it and your label to!

Alicia A.

It IS a pretty bag. LOVE the map.


Wow, great bag! I really want to make that pattern for both of my girls. Very cool!


That is seriously the cutest fabric ever, and I love the special touch you put on it. You're such a whiz, you! Have a fabulous time.


Love the bit about no English :-)
My kids are very concerned about moving to New York because they think everybody speaks French there. I've had to tell them (several times now) that we speak it in my family but NYC is definitely part of the United States and the language there is English.

LOVE the bag!


love the evil cackle!

The back pack is brilliant - I love the fabrics you used. Noah wants a back pack and I offered to make one for him - he said no?! Shop bought all the way for him I'm afraid.


where did you get that fabric? I'm plannin in making three (why did I have so many children?) within the next few weeks... was it easy?

It's beautiful.


Evil mother - I like it. I also like that travel fabric, very much.


I LOVE this little bag - such great fabric! Aren't they funny little things - they take it all so seriously. But you, my dear, always make me laugh!!


Quelle bon sac - just trying to get into the spirit of things (and showing up why I failed French O level!)That is the most perfect travel bag though, perfect for some wonderful adventures.


oh - that fabric! :( i need some. isn't it hard to find good boy fabric that isn't batman?

love the embroidery, i wouldn't have thought of that and it's a great touch!

(ps i nominated you for something today...)


Love that bag! and love that fabric. I've been looking for exactly this type of fabric for a kids room cushion cover. Would you share where you got it from?

Ragged Roses

Wonderful bag! Just a little bit of English maybe ....
Kim x


e-vil mom! :o)

I love the bag, and the directions are just too cute!

Angel Jem

What a fantastic bag! I hope the amount of stuff they want to take fits in... with my three they would need three or four bags each! They pack like Indian Moghuls, as if there are a herd of elephants ready to carry all their stuff instead of one soft Mum!


absolutely adorable! The bag is terrific + I can see how functional it is going to be too!

Ooh la la, c'est fran├žais bien sur!

Have a great trip!


Oh, gorgeous! My children have been plaguing me for new suitcases for their holiday - I wonder if I can get away with these cuties instead?

They'll be the envy of all the other little travellers ...


wow, the bag is perfect! you totally did the fabric justice :)


what a wonderful bag, and love the fabric too!


The bag is great and I love your sons comment on your up coming trip!!


Oh, I love this pattern and the bag. Nice work~ au revoir!


Thanks so much for the link you posted on my blog. :-) Much appreciated...


Oh that is so sweet!

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