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25 July 2007


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Enjoy the flood free zone! I chose a great weekend to visit friends in Worcester!! Luckily they don't live near the river and we had water and electricity!! And we managed to get home again jiggety jig!!


For a city well known for it's rain Manchester has got of lightly.We are all nice and dry and it's so surreal watching the news reports.My heart really goes out to those suffering.


Yay, I'm a winner! Ok, I'll stop bragging now :)

And you are not a little princess storming off, I would do exactly the same, and also, I bet you won't have to do all the cooking either, double yay!!


I think getting out of the chaos is a fabulous idea.


Oh my! Such inconvenience. I'm glad your mom lives close enough that you can escape to her place for a while. I'm sure she's glad to have you. Hope things return to normal soon.


I think you are allowed to whinge. It sounds terrible. Hope that you enjoy your time at your mums - what a great excuse.


Ooh I would be right behind you - best idea! I saw on the news Oxford is now flooded - my goodness what a mess! The weather is wierd everywhere. This year we've had raging drought, flooding rains, snow last week and a beautiful sunny 17deg yesterday - go figure!!!

Joanna Butchart

dont blame you one little bit. i live on the top of a hill so i am really lucky plus although the rain was pretty damn scary we were not hit badly at all in comparison. I am glad your house has not been flooded. My heart goes out to the people who have lost everything


I'm just glad you had a mama on dry land you could run to - don't apologize. It's been extraordinarily wet and floody here as well -- crazy summer.


I'mn glad to hear you're not flooded out. I watched with horror as the river outside my house flooded its banks last Friday and a waterfall poured down my back steps.

Only found out today that we were supposed to have boiled our drinking water oopps!


I don't think you should feel bad about going away at all. I'd do the same and I bet if other people had the option they would too!


Glad to hear you are somewhere warm and comfy - enjoy!


Sorry to hear about your trouble. But I'm sure your mother is enjoying your visit :)


what would we do wihtout our mums....and fingers crossed for the chaos to clear up soon!


hope things get better... I would be going to my mom's too if I were you!

Angel Jem

You're a wimp.

No, not really, if I had somewhere dry to go to in a flood I'd be right there with you. I don't blame you at all. Hope everything is better this wekend and that the flooding is down soon (especially since we're in Cheltenham on holiday in a month!)


Glad you're safe and dry, and your house is as well. And for postal workers to be on strike at the same time?! Crazy stuff!

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